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In situ synchrotron XRD analysis of the kinetics of spodumene phase transitions

23.01.2018 | Radhika L. Moore; Jason P. Mann; Alejandro Montoya; Brian S. Haynes, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The phase transition by thermal activation of natural α-spodumene was followed by in situ synchrotron XRD in the temperature range 896 to 940 °C. We observed both β- and γ-spodumene are primary products in approximately equal proportions. The rate of the α-spodumene inversion is first order and ...


Absolute and relative-rate measurement of the rate coefficient for reaction of perfluoro ethyl vinyl ether (C2F5OCF[double bond, length as m-dash]CF2) with OH

23.01.2018 | G. Srinivasulu; A. J. C. Bunkan; D. Amedro; J. N. Crowley, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The rate coefficient (k1) for the reaction of OH radicals with perfluoro ethyl vinyl ether (PEVE, C2F5OCF [[double bond, length as m-dash]] CF2) has been measured as a function of temperature (T = 207–300 K) using the technique of pulsed laser photolysis with detection of OH by laser-induced ...


An electrochemical oxidative homo-coupling reaction of imidazopyridine heterocycles to biheteroaryls

23.01.2018 | Yongyuan Gao; Yang Wang; Jie Zhou; Haibo Mei; Jianlin Han, Green Chemistry, 2018

An electrochemical dehydrogenative homo-coupling reaction of imidazopyridine-based heterocycles has been developed, which affords biheteroaryls with good chemical yields and high regioselectivities. This reaction is conducted in a simple undivided cell at room temperature, which avoids the use of ...


Grain boundary dominated charge transport in Mg3Sb2-based compounds

23.01.2018 | Jimmy Jiahong Kuo; Stephen Dongmin Kang; Kazuki Imasato; Hiromasa Tamaki; Saneyuki Ohno; Tsutomu Kanno; G. Jeffrey S ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Thermally activated mobility near room temperature is a signature of detrimental scattering that limits the efficiency and figure-of-merit zT in thermoelectric semiconductors. This effect has been observed dramatically in Mg3Sb2-based compounds, but also to a lesser extent in other thermoelectric ...


The last forests on Antarctica: Reconstructing flora and temperature from the Neogene Sirius Group, Transantarctic Mountains

21.01.2018 | Author(s): Rhian L. Rees-Owen, Fiona L. Gill, Robert J. Newton, Ruza F. Ivanović, Jane E. Francis, James B ..., Organic Geochemistry, 2018

Publication date: Available online 12 January 2018 Source:Organic Geochemistry Author(s): Rhian L. Rees-Owen, Fiona L. Gill, Robert J. Newton, Ruza F. Ivanović, Jane E. Francis, James B. Riding, Christopher H. Vane, Raquel A. Lopes dos Santos Fossil-bearing deposits in the ...


High‐Temperature Mechanical Behavior of ZrB2‐Based Composites with Micron‐ and Nano‐Sized SiC Particles

21.01.2018 | Shuqi Guo, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2018

Abstract Using micron‐ and nano‐sized SiC particles as reinforcement phase, two ZrB2‐SiC composites with high strength up to 1600°C were prepared using high‐energy ball‐milling, followed by hot‐pressing. The composite microstructure comprised finer equiaxed ZrB2 and SiC grains and ...


IJERPH, Vol. 15, Pages 167: Influence of Muscle Mass and Outdoor Environmental Factors on Appetite and Satiety Feeling in Young Japanese Women

21.01.2018 | Okada, Masahiro, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2018

IJERPH, Vol. 15, Pages 167: Influence of Muscle Mass and Outdoor Environmental Factors on Appetite and Satiety Feeling in Young Japanese Women International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health doi: 10.3390/ijerph15010167 Authors: Masahiro Okada Research on the ...


Production of Biodiesel Catalysed by Lipase from Thermomyces Lanuginosus in its Soluble Form

20.01.2018 | João H. C. Wancura, Daniela V. Rosset, Marcus V. Tres, J. Vladimir Oliveira, Marcio A. Mazutti, Sérgio L. Jahn, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2018

Abstract Biodiesel production through the transesterification of oleaginous sources utilizing alkaline catalysts shows many process drawbacks like the need of a raw material with high purity degree and a high amount of alkaline wastewater generated from the biodiesel washing step. Such ...


Heavy gas oil biodesulfurization using a low‐cost bacterial consortium

20.01.2018 | Bruna Porto, Danielle Maass, J. Vladimir Oliveira, Débora de Oliveira, Carlos Itsuo Yamamoto, Antônio A. Ulson de So ..., Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2018

Abstract BACKGROUND Petroleum and its derivatives usually containing great amounts of sulfur. During the combustion of fossil fuels, sulfur it is liberated to the atmosphere as one of the most noxious pollutant form: the sulfur dioxide (SOx). The removal of sulfur content to the ultralow ...


Abnormal site occupancy and high performance in warm WLEDs of a novel red phosphor, NaHF2:Mn4+, synthesized at room temperature

20.01.2018 | Luqing Xi; Yuexiao Pan; Mengmeng Zhu; Hongzhou Lian; Jun Lin, Dalton Transactions, 2018

A novel red phosphor, NaHF2:Mn4+ (NHF:Mn), was obtained via substituting Na+ located at the center of the octahedron coordinated with six F− ions with Mn4+ in the host lattice of NHF. The phase purity and the exact composition of the obtained NHF:Mn were confirmed by X-ray powder diffraction ...


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