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Chemoselective Efficient Synthesis of Functionalized [small beta]-oxonitriles through Cyanomethylation of Weinreb Amides

16.12.2014 | Ashenafi Damtew Mamuye; Laura Castoldi; Ugo Azzena; Wolfgang Holzer; Vittorio Pace, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

A synthesis of β-oxonitriles is reported via the generation of R1R2CLiCN species followed by the trapping with variously decorated Weinreb amides. The optimization study revealed that lithiation of acetonitriles is best accomplished by deprotonation with MeLi-LiBr at low temperature. The protocol ...


Development and field testing of a miniaturized sampling system for simultaneous sampling of vapours and droplets

16.12.2014 | Dietmar Breuer; George C. Dragan; Claudia Friedrich; Carsten Möhlmann; Ralf Zimmermann, Journal of Environmental Monitoring, 2014

The sampling of semi volatiles (SV) in workplaces may lead to different results as measurements may be affected by sampling bias. The new European Standard EN 13936 defines “semi-volatiles” as substances with vapour pressures in the range between 0.001 and 100 Pa at room temperature. EN 13936 ...


The first example of a zirconium-oxide based metal–organic framework constructed from monocarboxylate ligands

16.12.2014 | Weibin Liang; Ravichandar Babarao; Michael J. Murphy; Deanna M. D'Alessandro, Dalton Transactions, 2014

This work reports the first example of a Zr-based MOF which is exclusively constructed from the monocarboxylate ligand formate. Despite the low surface area, the new material exhibits an unexpectedly favourable affinity for carbon dioxide over nitrogen at room temperature.


A shock tube study of the branching ratios of propene + OH reaction

16.12.2014 | Jihad Badra; Fethi Khaled; Binod Raj Giri; Aamir Farooq, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

Absolute rate coefficients for the reaction of the OH radical with propene (C3H6) and five deuterated isotopes, propene-1-D1 (CDHCHCH3), propene-1,1-D2 (CD2CHCH3), propene-1,1,2-D3 (CD2CDCH3), propene-3,3,3-D3 (CH2CHCD3), and propene-D6 (C3D6), were measured behind reflected shock waves over the ...


Slow magnetic relaxation and photoluminescent properties of a highly coordinated erbium(III) complex with dibenzoylmethane and 2,2’-bipyridine

16.12.2014 | Pablo Martin-Ramos; Joana Teixeira Coutinho; Manuela Ramos Silva; Laura C J Pereira; FERNANDO LAHOZ; Pedro Silva; Vi ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

A new Er(III) β-diketonate complex, tris(dibenzoylmethanate)mono(2,2´-bipyridine) erbium(III) or [Er(dbm)3(bipy)], has been synthesized and its structural, thermal, photophysical and low temperature magnetic properties have been characterized. In the new complex, Er(III) ions are coordinated by ...


Energy efficient microwave synthesis of mesoporous Ce0.5M0.5O2 (Ti, Zr, Hf) nanoparticles for low temperature CO oxidation in an ionic liquid – a comparative study

16.12.2014 | Tarek Alammar; Ying-Kit Chow; Anja-Verena Mudring, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Ce0.5M0.5O2 (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) nanoparticles have been successfully synthesized by microwave irradiation in the ionic liquid [C4mim][Tf2N] (1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)amide). The morphology, crystallinity, and chemical composition of the obtained materials were ...


Assembly of Cd(II) coordination polymers: structural variation, supramolecular isomers, and temperature/anion-induced solvent-mediated structural transformations

16.12.2014 | Shuang-Shuang Hou; Xuan Huang; Jun-Gu Guo; Sheng-Run Zheng; Jing Lei; Jing-Bo Tan; Jun Fan; Wei-Guang Zhang, CrystEngComm, 2014

The reactions of Cd(ii) salts and 5-(3-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)phenyl)-1H-tetrazolate (3-HIPT) resulted in eight new coordination polymers (CPs), namely, {[Cd(3-IPT)2(H2O)2]·H2O}n (1 and 2), {[Cd(3-IPT)2(H2O)2]·2H2O}n (3), [Cd(3-IPT)(H2O)Cl]n (4), [Cd(3-IPT)Cl]n (5), [Cd(3-HIPT)I2]n (6), [Cd(3-IPT)I]n ...


Sulfonamides Formation from Sodium Sulfinates and Amines or Ammonia under Metal-Free Conditions at Ambient Temperature

16.12.2014 | Kai Yang; Miaolin Ke; Yuanguang Lin; Qiuling Song, Green Chemistry, 2014

A novel, practical and highly efficient method for the construction of a variety of sulfonamides mediated by I2 was demonstrated. The reaction proceeds readily at room temperature using a variety of sodium sulfinates and amines or ammonia in water in a metal-, base-, ligand-, or additive-free ...


Acridine based (S,N,S) pincer ligand: designing silver(I) complexes for the efficient activation of A3 (aldehyde, alkyne and amine) coupling

16.12.2014 | Om Prakash; Hemant Joshi; Umesh Kumar; Alpesh K. Sharma; Ajai K. Singh, Dalton Transactions, 2014

Complexes [AgL(NO3)CH3CN](1) and [AgLNO3] (2) were formed on reacting AgNO3 with L in acetonitrile for 12 h (at room temperature) and 24 h (at 90 °C), respectively, where L is a (S,N,S) pincer ligand, 4,5-bis(phenylthiomethyl)acridine, synthesized by the reaction of in situ generated PhS− with ...


Fabrication and Evaluation of Porous Ti-HA Bio-Nanomaterial by Leaching Process

14.12.2014 | Author(s): A.M. Omran , Kee Do Woo , Duck Soo Kang , G.T. Abdel-Gaber , H. Fouad , Hany S. Abdo , Khalil Abdel ..., Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: Available online 8 December 2014 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): A.M. Omran , Kee Do Woo , Duck Soo Kang , G.T. Abdel-Gaber , H. Fouad , Hany S. Abdo , Khalil Abdelrazek Khalil A porous surface of Ti-HA composite was successfully fabricated by pulsed ...


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