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Strong temperature-dependent crystallization, phase transition, optical and electrical characteristics of p-type CuAlO2 thin films

18.11.2014 | Suilin Liu; Zhiheng Wu; Yake Zhang; Zhiqiang Yao; Jiajie Fan; Yiqiang Zhang; Junhua Hu; Peng Zhang; Guosheng Shao, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

We report here a reliable and reproducible single-step (without post-annealing) fabrication of phase-pure p-type rhombohedral CuAlO2 (r-CuAlO2) thin films by reactive magnetron sputtering. The dependence of crystallinity and phase compositions of the films on the growth temperature was ...


The spontaneous room temperature reduction of HAuCl4 in ethylene glycol in the presence of ZnO : a simple strategy to obtain stable Au/ZnO nanostructures exhibiting strong surface plasmon resonance and efficient electron storage properties

18.11.2014 | Matias Ezequiel Aguirre; Gonzalo Martin Perelstein; Armin Feldhoff; A. M. Condó; Alfredo Tolley; María A. Grela, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

The room temperature spontaneous reduction of HAuCl4 in ethylene glycol in the presence of pre-formed ZnO nanoparticles is investigated by UV-vis spectroscopy. Analysis by HRTEM demonstrated that the synthesized nanostructures consist of small ZnO nanoparticles (5.0 nm) in contact with bigger (15 ...


Effects of UV radiation on aquatic ecosystems and interactions with other environmental factors

18.11.2014 | Donat-P. Häder; Craig E. Williamson; Sten-Åke Wängberg; Milla Rautio; Kevin C. Rose; Kunshan Gao; E. Walter Helbling ..., Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 2014

Interactions between climate change and UV radiation are having strong effects on aquatic ecosystems due to feedback between temperature, UV radiation, and greenhouse gas concentration. Higher air temperatures and incoming solar radiation are increasing the surface water temperatures of lakes and ...


Abnormal Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in CuO/ZnO Heterostructures: Interface Related or Not?

18.11.2014 | daqiang gao; zhipeng zhang; you li; Baorui xia; shoupeng shi; desheng xue, Chemical Communication, 2014

Recent technical advances in synthesis of oxide heterostructures have provided a fertile ground for creating novel states at their interfaces. Contrary to the paramagnetism CuO or ZnO, CuO/ZnO heterostructures show clear ferromagnetism which is proportional to the interface counts, providing the ...


Tuning the Singlet-Triplet Energy Gap of Luminogens with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristic: Crystallization-Induced Room Temperature Phosphorescence and Delay Fluorescence, Tunable Temperature Response, Highly Efficient Non-doped Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

18.11.2014 | Jie Li; Yibin Jiang; Juan Cheng; Yilin Zhang; Huimin Su; Jacky Wing Yip Lam; Herman H-Y. Sung; Kam Sing Wong; Hoi Si ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

In this contribution, we finely tuned the singlet-triplet energy gap (△EST) of AIE-active materials to modulate their fluorescence, phosphorescence and delay fluorescence via rational molecular design and investigated the possible ways to harvest their triplet energy in OLEDs. Noteworthy, two ...


pH- and Temperature-Responsive Aqueous Foams Stabilized by Hairy Latex Particles

18.11.2014 | Syuji Fujii; Ko Akiyama; Saori Nakayama; Sho Hamasaki; Shinichi Yusa; Yoshinobu Nakamura, Soft Matter, 2014

Polystyrene (PS) particles carrying pH- and temperature-responsive poly[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate] (PDMA) hairs (PDMA-PS particles) were synthesized by dispersion polymerization. The diameter, diameter distribution, morphology, chemical composition and surface chemistry of the particles ...


Tuning Phase Transition Temperature of Thermal-responsive OEGylated Poly-L-glutamate via Random Copolymerization with L-Alanine

18.11.2014 | Lei Yu; Wenxin Fu; Zhibo Li, Soft Matter, 2014

Two series of copolymers were prepared by ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of γ-(2-methoxyethoxy)esteryl-L-glutamate (L-EG2Glu) N-carboxyanhydride (NCA) and L-alanine (L-Ala) NCA using HMDS and PEG-NH2 as initiator, respectively. Poly-(L-EG2Glu-co-L-Ala) displayed lower critical solution ...


Saccharide and Temperature Dual-Responsive Hydrogel Layer for Harvesting Cell Sheet

18.11.2014 | Binbing Guo; Guoqing Pan; Qianping Guo; Caihong Zhu; Wenguo Cui; Bin Li; Huilin Yang, Chemical Communication, 2014

Saccharide and temperature dual-responsive hydrogels have been prepared based on PNIPAAm copolymers containing phenylboronic acid (PBA) groups and used for harvesting cell sheet. The cell sheet could be released from the hydrogel layer at 37 °C simply by increasing sugar concentration, and could ...


The Paal–Knorr reaction revisited. A catalyst and solvent-free synthesis of underivatized and N-substituted pyrroles

18.11.2014 | Hyejin Cho; Richard Madden; Bilal Nisanci; Béla Török, Green Chemistry, 2014

A new, modified synthesis of pyrroles is described. The reaction of 2,5-hexandione with a variety of amines yielded the expected pyrrole analogues in excellent yields. The reactions were carried out under the ultimate green conditions excluding both catalyst and solvent applying simple stirring ...


Fullerene cyanation does not always increase electron affinity: an experimental and theoretical study

18.11.2014 | Tyler T. Clikeman; Shihu H. M. Deng; Alexey A. Popov; Xue-Bin Wang; Steven H. Strauss; Olga V. Boltalina, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

The electron affinities of C70 derivatives with trifluoromethyl, methyl and cyano groups were studied experimentally and theoretically using low-temperature photoelectron spectroscopy (LT PES) and density functional theory (DFT). The electronic effects of these functional groups were determined ...


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