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V2O5/SBA-15 nanocatalysts for the selective synthesis of 2,3,5-trimethyl-1,4-benzoquinone at room temperature

01.12.2015 | Chinna Krishna Prasad Neeli; Venkata Siva Prasad Ganjala; Venkateswarlu Vakati; Kamaraju Seetha Rama Rao; David Raju ..., New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

A series of four V2O5/SBA-15 catalysts with the loadings of 5, 7.5, 10 and 12.5% (by weight) V2O5 have been prepared by the molecular designed dispersion (MDD) method and are characterized by N2-physisorption, low-angle and wide-angle XRD, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Fourier ...


Reversible hydrogen activation by a bulky haloborane based FLP system

01.12.2015 | Marc-André Courtemanche; Étienne Rochette; Marc-André Légaré; Wenhua Bi; Frédéric-Georges Fontaine, Dalton Transactions, 2015

The FLP species bis(2-(TMP)phenyl)chloroborane (TMP = 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine)(1) was prepared and crystallized as a monomeric Frustrated Lewis Pair (FLP) displaying no apparent B–N interaction. Species 1 readily reacts with H2 at room temperature to generate reversibly the zwitterionic H2 ...


Observation and modeling of the conformational molecular structures driving the self-assembly of tri-adamantylbenzene on Ag(111)

01.12.2015 | Roland Coratger; Bastien Calmettes; Nicolas Estrampes; Christophe Coudret; JORDI FARAUDO; THOMAS ROUSSEL, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The self-organization of tri-Adamantyl (TAB) benzene molecules has been investigated using low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (LT-STM). The molecular structures have been also studied using molecular modeling. Particularly, these calculations have been performed on large areas (1000 ...


In vitro dihydrouridine formation by tRNA dihydrouridine synthase from Thermus thermophilus, an extreme-thermophilic eubacterium

01.12.2015 | Hiroaki Kusuba; Takeshi Yoshida; Eri Iwasaki; Takako Awai; Ai Kazayama; Akira Hirata; Chie Tomikawa; Ryota Yamagami; ..., Journal of Biochemistry, 2015

Dihydrouridine (D) is formed by tRNA dihydrouridine synthases (Dus). In mesophiles, multiple Dus enzymes bring about D modifications at several positions in tRNA. The extreme-thermophilic eubacterium Thermus thermophilus, in contrast, has only one dus gene in its genome and only two D ...


Molecular and biochemical characterization of bifunctional pyruvate decarboxylases and pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductases from Thermotoga maritima and Thermotoga hypogea

01.12.2015 | Mohammad S. Eram; Alton Wong; Erica Oduaran; Kesen Ma, Journal of Biochemistry, 2015

Hyperthermophilic bacteria Thermotoga maritima and Thermotoga hypogea produce ethanol as a metabolic end product, which is resulted from acetaldehyde reduction catalysed by an alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). However, the enzyme that is involved in the production of acetaldehyde from pyruvate is not ...


Cyclopropanes in water: A diastereoselective synthesis of substituted 2H-chromen-2-one and quinolin-2(1H)-one linked cyclopropanes.

01.12.2015 | Ashish Anand; Jayashree Yenagi; Jagdish Tonannavar; Manohar Kulkarni, Green Chemistry, 2015

One-pot three component reaction has been developed for the synthesis of substituted cyclopropanes employing 4-bromomethyl-2H-chromen-2-one/quinolin-2(1H)-ones, aromatic aldehydes and activated nitriles. The room temperature reaction in aqueous medium has been found to be diastereoselective and ...


Visible Light-Promoted C−H Functionalization of Ethers and Electron-Deficient Arenes

01.12.2015 | Shekaraiah devari; Bhahwal Ali Shah, Chemical Communication, 2015

We have developed a visible light mediated C-H arylation of ethers via C(Sp2-)C(¬Sp3) C-H functionalization via hydrogen atom transfer (HAT) pathway. The reaction requires no photocatalyst, operates at room temperature, easy setup and scalable to gram level. Furthermore, the protocol is easily ...


Tumor Cell-Specific Split Aptamers: Target-Driven and Temperature-Controlled Self-Assembly on Living Cell Surface

01.12.2015 | Jinlu Tang; Hui Shi; Xiaoxiao He; Yanli Lei; Qiuping Guo; Kemin Wang; Lv’an Yan; Dinggeng He, Chemical Communication, 2015

Activatable split aptamer probe with target-induced shape change and thermosensitivity was first developed. Triggered by proteins on cell surface, the probe could assemble into a desired binding shape, thus affording a FRET-based tumor cell assay. Moreover, a reversible cell catch/release ...


Temperature responsive behavior of polymer brush/polyelectrolyte multilayer composites

01.12.2015 | Samantha Micciulla; Olaf Soltwedel; Oliver Löhmann; Regine von Klitzing, Soft Matter, 2015

The complex interaction of polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEMs) physisorbed onto end-grafted polymer brushes with focus on the temperature-responsive behavior of the system is addressed in this work. The investigated brush/multilayer composite consists of a poly(styrene ...


Strain and temperature dependent absorption spectra studies for identifying the phase structure and band gap of EuTiO3 perovskite films

01.12.2015 | Kai Jiang; Run Zhao; Peng Zhang; Qinglin Deng; Jinzhong Zhang; Wenwu Li; Zhigao Hu; Hao Yang; Junhao Chu, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Post-annealing has been approved to effectively relax the out-of-plane strain in thin films. Epitaxial EuTiO3 (ETO) thin films, with and without strain, have been fabricated on (001) LaAlO3 substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The absorption and electronic transitions of the ETO thin films are ...


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