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Unveiling the uncatalyzed reaction of alkynes with 1,2-dipoles for the room temperature synthesis of cyclobutenes

28.02.2015 | Benito Alcaide; Pedro Almendros; Israel Fernandez; Carlos Lázaro, Chemical Communication, 2015

2-(Pyridinium-1-yl)-1,1-bis(triflyl)ethanides have been used as 1,2-dipole precursors in a metal-free direct [2+2] cycloaddition reaction of alkynes. Starting from stable zwitterionic pyridinium salts, the 1,2-dipole 1,1-bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)ethene is generated in situ and immediately ...


Catalytic hydrogen production from paraformaldehyde and water using an organoiridium complex

28.02.2015 | Tomoyoshi Suenobu; Yusuke Isaka; Satoshi Shibata; Shunichi Fukuzumi, Chemical Communication, 2015

Paraformaldehyde was decomposed using an organoiridium complex (1, [IrIII(Cp*)(4-(1H-pyrazol-1-yl-κN2)benzoic acid-κC3)(H2O)]2SO4) as a catalyst in water to produce H2 and CO2 in a 2 [ ] : [ ] 1 molar ratio at room temperature. The catalytic cycle is composed of the reduction of 1 by ...


Physical State and Acidity of Inorganic Sulfate Can Regulate the Production of Secondary Organic Material from Isoprene Photooxidation Products

28.02.2015 | Mikinori Kuwata; Yingjun Liu; Karena McKinney; Scot Martin, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The production of secondary organic material (SOM) by the reactive uptake of isoprene photooxidation products was investigated using partially to wholly neutralized sulfuric acid particles. The experiments were performed at a relative humidity (RH) of < 5% and a temperature of 20 °C. The extent X ...


Abnormal Thermal Expansion Property in Cubic NaZn13-type La(Fe,Al)13 Compounds

28.02.2015 | Wen Li; Rongjin Huang; Wei Wang; Yuqiang Zhao; Shaopeng Li; Chuanjun Huang; Laifeng Li, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The cubic NaZn13-type La(Fe,Al)13 compounds were synthesized, and their linear thermal expansion properties were investigated in the temperature range of 4.2-300K. It was found that these compounds perform abnormal thermal expansion behavior, i.e., pronounced negative thermal expansion (NTE) or ...


BaCoO2.22 : the most oxygen-deficient certified cubic perovskite

28.02.2015 | Olivier Mentré; Mihaela IORGULESCU; Marielle Huvé; Houria Kabbour; Nicolas Renaut; Sylvie Daviero-Minaud; silviu Col ..., Dalton Transactions, 2015

The cubic BaCoO±2.2 was announced in the early 50’s as the final product of high temperature self-reduction within the BaCoO3-δ series. However apart from this report no clear characterization was provided up-to-date. Here we confirm after preparation of single crystal and powder samples that in ...


Structural and dynamical anomalies of soft particles interacted with harmonic repulsions

28.02.2015 | Wenze Ouyang; Bin Sun; ZHIWEI SUN; Shenghua Xu, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Molecular dynamics(MD) simulations are carried out to investigate the structural and dynamical anomalies in the core-softened fluid with harmonic repulsions. At sufficiently low temperature and densities, a general scaling relation between Rosenfeld's diffusivity DR and excess entropy Sex hold ...


Negative thermal quenching of photoluminescence in annealed ZnO–Al2O3 core–shell nanorods

28.02.2015 | Yukun Wu; Junwen Li; Huaiyi Ding; Zhiwei Gao; Yiming Wu; Nan Pan; Xiaoping Wang, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

ZnO–Al2O3 core–shell nanorods (NRs) have been fabricated through the vapor phase condensation method and atomic layer deposition. It is found that the nanorod comprises a wurtzite single crystalline ZnO core with the main axes along the [0001] direction and an amorphous Al2O3 shell. The ...


Natural Phosphate-supported Palladium: A Highly Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for the Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Under Microwave Irradiation

28.02.2015 | Hassine, Ayoub; Bouhrara, Mohamed; Sebti, Said; Solhy, Abderrahim; Mahfouz, Remi; Luart, Denis; Len, Christophe; Fih ..., Organic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: This report explores Suzuki-Miyaura coupling under microwave irradiation, using a new generation of catalyst that is based on natural phosphate (NP) impregnated by palladium. This catalyst was prepared by the treatment of natural phosphate with bis(benzonitrile)palladium(II) ...


Effect of the borax mass and pre-spray medium temperature on droplet size and velocity vector distributions of intermittently sprayed starchy solutions

28.02.2015 | Muhammad Yasin Naz; Shaharin Anwar Sulaiman; Bambang Ariwahjoedi, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Spray coating technology has demonstrated great potential in the slow release fertilizers industry. The better understanding of the key spray parameters benefits both the environment and low cost coating processes. The use of starch based materials to coat the slow release fertilizers is a new ...


Preparation of Copper-Embedded Graphene Nanocomposites for Catalytic Hydroxylation of Benzene to Phenol

28.02.2015 | Bi, Huiping; He, Guangyu; Xu, Ran; Song, Zhiqi; Zhu, Junwu; Chen, Haiqun; Wang, Xin, Organic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: The design and synthesis of graphene-based nanocomposites have drawn enormous attention in recent years owing to their unique structural properties. Here, we describe a simple hydrothermal procedure to fabricate Cu-graphene nanocomposites as a catalyst for direct hydroxylating ...


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