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Intervalence charge transfer state interfered Pr3+ luminescence: A novel strategy for high sensitive optical thermometry

04.12.2016 | Author(s): Yan Gao, Feng Huang, Hang Lin, Ju Xu, Yuansheng Wang, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2016

Publication date: May 2017 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 243 Author(s): Yan Gao, Feng Huang, Hang Lin, Ju Xu, Yuansheng Wang In this study, the Ruddlesden-Popper type perovskite Na2La1.96Pr0.04Ti3O10 micro-crystals are synthesized and demonstrated to be one of ...


Electronuclear paths in the Nuclear Conversion of Molecular Hydrogen in Silicon

04.12.2016 | Author(s): Ernest Ilisca, Filippo Ghiglieno, Chemical Physics Letters, 2016

Publication date: Available online 1 December 2016 Source:Chemical Physics Letters Author(s): Ernest Ilisca, Filippo Ghiglieno The ortho-para conversion of hydrogen molecules oscillating inside tetrahedral cages of silicon compounds relies on the interaction of the nuclear protons with ...


Thermal and pump power effect in SrMoO4:Er3+-Yb3+ phosphor for thermometry and optical heating

04.12.2016 | Author(s): Abhishek Kumar Soni, Vineet Kumar Rai, Chemical Physics Letters, 2016

Publication date: Available online 2 December 2016 Source:Chemical Physics Letters Author(s): Abhishek Kumar Soni, Vineet Kumar Rai The pump power and temperature dependence study in the Er3+-Yb3+ codoped SrMoO4 phosphors for the green UC emission bands has been investigated by using ...


Platinum complexes with a methoxy-amino phosphine or a nitrogen-containing bis(phosphine) ligand. Synthesis, characterization and application to hydrogenation of trans-cinnamaldehyde

04.12.2016 | Author(s): Ioannis D. Kostas, Georgia Antonopoulou, Constantinos Potamitis, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Vassil ..., Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: 1 January 2017 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 828 Author(s): Ioannis D. Kostas, Georgia Antonopoulou, Constantinos Potamitis, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Vassilis Psycharis Platinum complexes with a methoxy-amino phosphine or an ethylene-linked ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 1020: Energy Optimization and Fuel Economy Investigation of a Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle Integrated with Diesel/RCCI Engines

04.12.2016 | Solouk, Ali ; Shahbakhti, Mahdi, Energies, 2016

Among different types of low temperature combustion (LTC) regimes, eactively controlled compression ignition (RCCI) has received a lot of attention as a promising advanced combustion engine technology with high indicated thermal efficiency and low nitrogen oxides ( NO x ) and particulate ...


Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 1264: Simplified Heat and Mass Transfer Model for Cross-Flow and Countercurrent Flow Packed Bed Tower Dehumidifiers with a Liquid Desiccant System

03.12.2016 | Hu, Shih-Cheng ; Shiue, Angus ; Chiu, Yi-Shiung ; Wang, Archy ; Chen, Jacky, Sustainability, 2016

A mathematical model is developed using the Matlab/Simulink platform to investigate heat and mass transfer performance of cross-flow and counterflow dehumidifiers with Lithium Chloride (LiCl) solution. In the liquid desiccant dehumidifier, the orthogonal polynomial basis is used to simulate the ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 1026: Research on a Household Dual Heat Source Heat Pump Water Heater with Preheater Based on ASPEN PLUS

03.12.2016 | Gou, Xiang ; Fu, Yang ; Shah, Imran Ali; Li, Yamei ; Xu, Guoyou ; Yang, Yue ; Wang, Enyu ; Liu, Liansheng ; Wu, Jinxiang, Energies, 2016

This article proposes a dual heat source heat pump bathroom unit with preheater which is feasible for a single family. The system effectively integrates the air source heat pump (ASHP) and wastewater source heat pump (WSHP) technologies, and incorporates a preheater to recover shower wastewater ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 2062: Boundary-Layer Detection at Cryogenic Conditions Using Temperature Sensitive Paint Coupled with a Carbon Nanotube Heating Layer

03.12.2016 | Goodman, Kyle Z.; Lipford, William E.; Watkins, Anthony Neal, Sensors, 2016

Detection of flow transition on aircraft surfaces and models can be vital to the development of future vehicles and computational methods for evaluating vehicle concepts. In testing at ambient conditions, IR thermography is ideal for this measurement. However, for higher Reynolds number testing, ...


Sensors, Vol. 16, Pages 2060: A Novel Wireless Wearable Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Monitoring Device with Disposable Sensors

03.12.2016 | Deng, Yue ; Chen, Cheng ; Xian, Xiaojun ; Tsow, Francis ; Verma, Gaurav ; McConnell, Rob ; Fruin, Scott ; Tao, Nongj ..., Sensors, 2016

A novel portable wireless volatile organic compound (VOC) monitoring device with disposable sensors is presented. The device is miniaturized, light, easy-to-use, and cost-effective. Different field tests have been carried out to identify the operational, analytical, and functional performance of ...


Separating and Identifying the Four Stereoisomers of Methyl Jasmonate by RP‐HPLC and using Cyclodextrins in a Novel Way

02.12.2016 | Adrián Matencio, Mario J. Bermejo‐Gimeno, Francisco García‐Carmona, José Manuel López‐Nicolás, Phytochemical Analysis, 2016

Abstract Introduction Several authors have reported on the different bioactivities of methyl jasmonate (MeJA) stereoisomers. However, no simple, precise and cheap method for separating and identifying them using reversed‐phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP‐HPLC) has been ...


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