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On the Advantage of Cyclic over Acyclic Carbenes to Access Isolable Capto‐Dative C‐Centered Radicals

20.01.2017 | Janell Mahoney, Rodolphe Jazzar, Guy Royal, David Martin, Guy Bertrand, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2017

A cyclic and an acyclic di(amino)carbene as well as a cyclic and an acyclic (alkyl)(amino)carbene cleanly react with benzoyl chloride to give the corresponding adducts 1+cyc, 1+acy, 2+cyc and 2+acy, respectively. The reduction of 1+cyc and 2+cyc derived from cyclic carbenes affords the ...


IJMS, Vol. 18, Pages 200: Coordinated Actions of Glyoxalase and Antioxidant Defense Systems in Conferring Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants

20.01.2017 | Hasanuzzaman, Mirza ; Nahar, Kamrun ; Hossain, Md. Shahadat; Mahmud, Jubayer Al; Rahman, Anisur ; Inafuku, Masashi ; ..., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2017

Being sessile organisms, plants are frequently exposed to various environmental stresses that cause several physiological disorders and even death. Oxidative stress is one of the common consequences of abiotic stress in plants, which is caused by excess generation of reactive oxygen species ...


Sensors, Vol. 17, Pages 194: 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Film as a Highly Selective Sensing Material for Non-Invasive Detection of Acetone Using a Quartz Crystal Microbalance

20.01.2017 | Tao, Wenyan ; Lin, Peng ; Liu, Sili ; Xie, Qingji ; Ke, Shanming ; Zeng, Xierong, Sensors, 2017

Breath acetone serves as a biomarker for diabetes. This article reports 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ([bmim][BF4]), a type of room temperature ionic liquid (RTIL), as a selective sensing material for acetone. The RTIL sensing layer was coated on a quartz crystal microbalance ...


[Report] Regional and global sea-surface temperatures during the last interglaciation

20.01.2017 | Jeremy S. Hoffman; Peter U. Clark; Andrew C. Parnell; Feng He, Science , 2017

The last interglaciation (LIG, 129 to 116 thousand years ago) was the most recent time in Earth’s history when global mean sea level was substantially higher than it is at present. However, reconstructions of LIG global temperature remain uncertain, with estimates ranging from no significant ...


[Report] Evolutionary drivers of thermoadaptation in enzyme catalysis

20.01.2017 | Vy Nguyen; Christopher Wilson; Marc Hoemberger; John B. Stiller; Roman V. Agafonov; Steffen Kutter; Justin English; ..., Science , 2017

With early life likely to have existed in a hot environment, enzymes had to cope with an inherent drop in catalytic speed caused by lowered temperature. Here we characterize the molecular mechanisms underlying thermoadaptation of enzyme catalysis in adenylate kinase using ancestral sequence ...


Densities and Viscosities for Binary Liquid Mixtures of n-Undecane + 1-Heptanol, 1-Octanol, 1-Nonanol, and 1-Decanol from 283.15 to 363.15 K at 0.1 MPa

20.01.2017 | Adriana Guzmán-López; Gustavo A. Iglesias-Silva; Fátima Reyes-García; Alejandro Estrada-Baltazar; Mariana Ramos-Estrada, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2017

This paper presents densities and viscosities of binary mixtures of n-undecane with 1-alcohols with carbon atoms from C7 to C10 from 283.15 to 363.15 K at 0.1 MPa. Densities are measured using a vibrating tube densimeter, while viscosities are from a pellet microviscometer. Excess molar volumes ...


Mechanism and Thermochemistry of Coal Char Oxidation and Desorption of Surface Oxides

20.01.2017 | Gianluca Levi; Mauro Causà; Paolo Lacovig; Piero Salatino; Osvalda Senneca, Energy & Fuels, 2017

The present study investigates the coal char combustion by a combination of thermochemical and X-ray photoemission spectroscopy (XPS) analyses. Thermoanalytical methods (differential thermogravimetry, differential scanning calorimetry, and temperature-programmed desorption) are used to identify ...


The Multiple Roles of Waters in Protein Solvation

20.01.2017 | Adam Hospital; Michela Candotti; Josep Lluís Gelpí; Modesto Orozco, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2017

Extensive molecular dynamics (MD) simulations have been used to characterize the multiple roles of water in solvating different types of proteins under different environmental conditions. We analyzed a small set of proteins, representative of the most prevalent meta-folds under native conditions, ...


Materials, Vol. 10, Pages 85: On the Injection Molding Processing Parameters of HDPE-TiO2 Nanocomposites

20.01.2017 | Mourad, Abdel-Hamid I.; Mozumder, Mohammad Sayem; Mairpady, Anusha ; Pervez, Hifsa ; Kannuri, Uma Maheshwara, Materials, 2017

In recent years, the development and use of polymeric nanocomposites in creating advanced materials has expanded exponentially. A substantial amount of research has been done in order to design polymeric nanocomposites in a safe and efficient manner. In the present study, the impact of processing ...


Combined cycle power plant performance evaluation using exergy and energy analysis

19.01.2017 | Lalatendu Pattanayak, Jaya Narayan Sahu, Pravakar Mohanty, Environmental Progress, 2017

Performance evaluation of a combined cycle power plant (CCPP) is generally attempted using first law of thermodynamics based on energy and mass balance methodology. For detailed component wise performance analysis, exergy‐based evaluation based on second law of thermodynamics is gaining ...


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