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Enhanced durability and activity of perovskite electrocatalysts Pr0.5Ba0.5CoO3-[small delta] by Ca doping for oxygen evolution reaction at room temperature

19.04.2017 | Dandan He; Guanghu He; Heqing Jiang; Zongkun Chen; Minghua Huang, Chemical Communication, 2017

A promising Ca doping approach was reported to improve the durability and electrocatalytic OER activity of perovskite Pr0.5Ba0.5CoO3-δ (PBC). Compared to the pristine PBC, the electrocatalytic activity of Ca-doped Pr0.5Ba0.3Ca0.2CoO3-δ perovskite was increased by ca. 90%. More importantly, its ...


A topologically unique alternating {CoIII3GdIII3} magnetocaloric ring

19.04.2017 | María José Heras Ojea; Giulia Lorusso; Gavin A. Craig; Claire Wilson; Marco Evangelisti; Mark Murrie, Chemical Communication, 2017

The adiabatic temperature change of the star-shaped {CoIII3GdIII3} magnetocaloric ring is enhanced via topological control over the assembly process, by using a pre-formed {CoII(H6L)} building block that undergoes oxidation to CoIII, successfully separating the GdIII ions.


Stereoselective Vicinal Difunctionalization of Alkynes through A Three‐Component Reaction of Alkynes, Sodium Sulfinates, and Togni Reagent

19.04.2017 | Yuanchao Xiang, Yuewen Li, yunyan kuang, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2017

Stereoselective vicinal difunctionalization of alkynes through trifluoromethylation and sulfonylation via a three‐component reaction of alkynes, sodium sulfinates, and Togni reagent under catalyst‐ and additive‐free conditions is realized. This reaction proceeds at room temperature in DMSO, ...


Kinetic Control in the Temperature-Dependent Sequential Growth of Surface-Confined Supramolecular Copolymers

19.04.2017 | Sabrina Engel; Daniel Spitzer; Leona Lucas Rodrigues; Eva-Corinna Fritz; David Straßburger; Monika Schönho ..., Faraday Discussions, 2017

We report the sequential growth of supramolecular copolymers on gold surfaces, using oppositely charged dendritic peptide amphiphiles. By including water-solubilising thermoresponsive chains in the monomer design we observed non-linear effects in the temperature-dependent sequential growth. The ...


Formation mechanism and Growth of MNbO3, M=K, Na by in situ X‐ray diffraction

18.04.2017 | Susanne Linn Skjærvø, Sanna Sommer, Peter Nørby, Espen Drath Bøjesen, Tor Grande, Bo B. Iversen, Mari‐Ann Einarsrud, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2017

Abstract Hydrothermal synthesis is a well‐established method to produce complex oxides, and is a potential interesting approach to synthesize stoichiometric lead‐free piezoelectric K0.5Na0.5NbO3. Due to challenges in obtaining the desired stoichiometry of this material, more knowledge is ...


ABA and BAB Triblock Copolymers Based on 2‐Methyl‐2‐oxazoline and 2‐n‐Propyl‐2‐oxazoline: Synthesis and Thermoresponsive Behavior in Water

18.04.2017 | Anna Zahoranová, Miroslav Mrlík, Katarína Tomanová, Juraj Kronek, Robert Luxenhofer, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2017

Inspired by the well‐known amphiphilic block copolymer platform known as Pluronics or poloxamers, a small library of ABA and BAB triblock copolymers comprising hydrophilic 2‐methyl‐2‐oxazoline (A) and thermoresponsive 2‐n‐propyl‐2‐oxazoline (B) is synthesized. These novel copolymers exhibit ...


Solution‐mediated polymorphic transformation of amorphous form to Form I of olmesartan medoxomil in methanol‐water mixture solvents

18.04.2017 | Ming‐Hui Qi, Wan‐Shang Chen, Hui Zhou, Jing‐Yan Chen, Guo‐Bin Ren, Crystal Research and Technology, 2017

The polymorphic transformation of amorphous form to Form I of olmesartan medoxomil, an angiotensin II receptor blocker, was studied in methanol‐water mixture solvents, by monitoring and identifying the transformation process through on‐line instrument and off‐line methods. The process is ...


Branching Analysis of Comb‐Shaped Polystyrene with Long Chain Branches

18.04.2017 | Sanghoon Lee, Taihyun Chang, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2017

Model comb‐shaped polystyrene (PS) samples are synthesized by anionic polymerization and the as‐prepared PS heterogeneous combs are further fractionated by temperature gradient interaction chromatography (TGIC) to obtain well‐defined random combs with 1–4 branches at random positions on a ...


Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Fine Structured B4C/2024 Al Composites with High B4C Content 

18.04.2017 | Ruixiao Zheng, Fengmei Ma, Yitan Zhang, Chaoli Ma, Advanced Engineering Materials, 2017

In this study, bulk fine structured B4C/2024 Al composites with various B4C content are prepared by mechanical milling and subsequent hot consolidation. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) observation revealed that the higher the B4C content, the finer the B4C particle size in the bulk ...


Reducing Interfacial Resistance between Garnet‐Structured Solid‐State Electrolyte and Li‐Metal Anode by a Germanium Layer

18.04.2017 | Wei Luo, Yunhui Gong, Yizhou Zhu, Yiju Li, Yonggang Yao, Ying Zhang, Kun (Kelvin) Fu, Glenn Pastel, Chuan‐Fu Lin, Yi ..., Advanced Materials, 2017

Substantial efforts are underway to develop all‐solid‐state Li batteries (SSLiBs) toward high safety, high power density, and high energy density. Garnet‐structured solid‐state electrolyte exhibits great promise for SSLiBs owing to its high Li‐ion conductivity, wide potential window, and ...


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