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Molecules, Vol. 21, Pages 1281: Nanostructured Samarium Doped Fluorapatites and Their Catalytic Activity towards Synthesis of 1,2,4-Triazoles

24.09.2016 | Gangu, Kranthi Kumar; Maddila, Suresh ; Maddila, Surya Narayana; Jonnalagadda, Sreekantha B., Molecules, 2016

An investigation was conducted into the influence of the amino acids as organic modifiers in the facile synthesis of metal incorporated fluorapatites (FAp) and their properties. The nanostructured Sm doped fluorapatites (Sm-FAp) were prepared by a co-precipitation method using four different ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 797: Synthesis and Characterization of Types A and B Gelatin Methacryloyl for Bioink Applications

24.09.2016 | Lee, Bae Hoon; Lum, Nathaniel ; Seow, Li Yuan; Lim, Pei Qi; Tan, Lay Poh, Materials, 2016

Gelatin methacryloyl (GelMA) has been increasingly considered as an important bioink material due to its tailorable mechanical properties, good biocompatibility, and ability to be photopolymerized in situ as well as printability. GelMA can be classified into two types: type A GelMA (a product ...


Cationic Platinum(II) σ‐SiH Complexes in Carbon Dioxide Hydrosilation

23.09.2016 | Josefina Díez, Salvador Conejero, Amor Rodríguez, Pablo Ríos, Joaquín López-Serrano, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

The low electron count cationic platinum complex [Pt(ItBu')(ItBu)][BArF],1, interacts with primary and secondary silanes to form the corresponding σ‐SiH complexes. According to DFT calculations the most stable coordination mode is the uncommon η1‐SiH. The reaction of 1 with Et2SiH2 leads to the ...


Facile synthesis of Pt‐CeO2/rGO catalyst in reverse micelles with high activity and durability for hydrolysis of ammonia borane

23.09.2016 | Qilu Yao, Yao Shi, Xiaoliang Zhang, Xiangshu Chen, Zhang-Hui Lu, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2016

Highly dispersed Pt‐CeO2 hybrids arched on reduced graphene oxide (Pt‐CeO2/rGO) have been facilely synthesized via a combination of the reverse micelle technique and the redox reaction without any additional reductant or surfactant. Under N2 atmosphere, the redox reaction automatically occurs ...


Room‐Temperature Phosphorescent Crystal of Organoboron Complex: Enhanced Intersystem Crossing and Suppressed Thermal Deactivation of Excited States Derived by Packing Structure

23.09.2016 | Atsushi Sakai, Eisuke Ohta, Yasunori Matsui, Seiji Tsuzuki, Hiroshi Ikeda, ChemPhysChem, 2016

The photoluminescence (PL) properties of a metal‐free organoboron complex, bis(4‐iodobenzoyl)methanatoboron difluoride (1BF₂), were elucidated. At room temperature, 1BF₂ emits blue fluorescence (FL) in n‐BuCl upon photoexcitation. In contrast, crystals of 1BF₂ emit green PL comprised of FL and ...


Molecular Dynamics Study of a Dual‐cation Ionomer Electrolyte

23.09.2016 | Xingyu Chen, Fangfang Chen, Erlendur Jónsson, Maria Forsyth, ChemPhysChem, 2016

The poly(N1222)xLi1‐x[AMPS] ionomer system with dual cations has previously shown decoupled Li ion dynamics from polymer segmental motions, characterized by the glass transition temperature, which can result in a conductive electrolyte material whilst retaining an appropriate modulus (ie. ...


Depolymerization of waste polybutylene terephthalate in hot compressed water in a fused silica capillary reactor and an autoclave reactor: Monomer phase behavior, stability, and mechanism

23.09.2016 | Junliang Wang, Ke Bei, Zhichao Hu, Yingping Liu, Yanpei Ma, Yuan Shen, I‐Ming Chou, Zhiyan Pan, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

Depolymerization is a potentially viable means of recycling waste polymers, converting them back into monomers or other useful compounds. Terephthalic acid (TPA) and 1,4‐butanediol (1,4‐BD) are the depolymerization monomer products of polybutylene terephthalate. Their yields from ...


Quantitative Schlieren Measurement of Explosively‐Driven Shock Wave Density, Temperature, and Pressure Profiles

23.09.2016 | Jesse D. Tobin, Michael J. Hargather, Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, 2016

Abstract Shock waves produced from the detonation of laboratory‐scale explosive charges are characterized using high‐speed, quantitative schlieren imaging. This imaging allows the refractive index gradient field to be measured and converted to a density field using an Abel deconvolution. The ...


Structural transformations in Pb1 − xBi4 + xTi4 − xMnxO15 (x = 0.2 and 0.4): a Raman scattering study

23.09.2016 | Anton Prasetyo, Boriana Mihailova, Veinardi Suendo, A. A. Nugroho, Zulhadjri, Ismunandar, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2016

The temperature evolution of the Raman scattering of Pb1 − xBi4 + xTi4 − xMnxO15 (x = 0.2 and 0.4) on cooling from 850 to 140–130 K was studied in order to elucidate the effect of B‐site Mn3+ doping accompanied by the increase in the A‐site Bi3+ content on the structural transformations in ...


Tuning Proton Conductivity by Interstitial Guest Change in Size‐Adjustable Nanopores of a CuI‐MOF: A Potential Platform for Versatile Proton Carriers

23.09.2016 | Sajal Khatua, Arun Kumar Bar, Sanjit Konar, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract By exploiting the breathing behavior of nanopores, we have studied for the first time the dependency of the guest‐induced proton conductivity of an interpenetrated CuI metal–organic framework (CuI‐MOF, [1]) on various guest molecules. Proton conductivities of over 10−3 S cm−1 under ...


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