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Global Overview of PHosphate Rock and Yellow Phosphorus

- Phosphate rock

-China has the largest available phosphate reserve.
-From 1997 to 2006, the annual consumption volume of phosphate rock is between 120 million tonnes and 140 million tonnes.
-The phosphate rock of Morocco, USA and China has the medium content of phosphorus, however the content of Cd in Chinese rock is much lower than that of the other two countries.
-About xxx% of world phosphate rock is consumed in the fertilizer industry.
-The U.S. industry has greatly reduced its exports of phosphate rock preferring to concentrate on downstream processing; U.S. rock exports declined from xxx million tonnes in 1990 to no export in 2006.
-Therefore it is the trend the trade of phosphate rock will continue to be prosperous, owing to the downstream demand from agriculture. Meanwhile, the export of further processed phosphate products will be enlarged, because the further processed products are high value-added and more profit can be made.

- Yellow Phosphorus

-There are mainly four countries producing yellow phosphorus, China, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, U.S.
-China produced xxx% of world production volume of yellow phosphorus.
-The Chinese export of yellow phosphorus mainly goes to Japan, United States and India in 2006.
-xxx% of Kazakhstan yellow phosphorus is exported to other countries. xxx% of the export volume of Kazakhstan yellow phosphorus mainly goes to Netherlands.
-World consumption pattern of yellow phosphorus:
Thermal-process phosphoric acid , xxx%; PCL3, xxx%; P2S5, xxx%; Others, xxx%.

- Sustainable production

-The environmental control has become stricter. China and America are both implementing measures to control the environmental contamination.
-Chinese enterprises are gradually reducing the emission of CO2 and environmental contamination by recovery of tail gas.

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