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Global Polysilicon Market Report: 2010 Edition

Following undersupply since past few years, polysilicon production capacity entered a fast-growth phase in 2009, which resulted in an oversupply situation, in response to increase in production capacity and growth in demand from the end markets. It is forecasted that the demand for polysilicon will continue to increase at more than ten percent for the period 2010 to 2012. Polysilicon oversupply will also trigger a long term decline in its prices, which peaked to the highest levels in 2008 in response to its supply shortage.

Polysilicon is largely used by the semiconductor and solar industry. Due to the short supply of polysilicon in the past few years, the supply of semiconductors and solar products has been constrained. However, over the past two years demand from solar industry continues to increase and has surpassed demand from the semiconductor industry.

The supply of high purity silicon is largely dominated by a few big companies such as Hemlock Semiconductors and Wacker Chemie, among others. But the growth of solar and semiconductor industry, in recent times, has attracted new entrants, mainly from countries in Asia, such as China. As a result, the already established companies as well new entrants are aggressively implementing capacity expansion programs in an effort to stay competitive. Chinese manufacturers are making quick inroads into polysilicon manufacturing but lack core technology; hence they have huge growth potential if they overcome the existing business issues.

The report presents an analysis of the global polysilicon market. It begins with a discussion of the worldwide polysilicon output and capacity and then goes on to analyze the demand-supply and pricing trend in the market. Apart from a discussion of the competitive landscape, the report profiles the major polysilicon producers with a discussion of their key business strategies.

Reasons to Purchase
Provides input for strategic business planning
Insights on competitive positioning
Identifies business opportunities & challenges
Analyzes market growth and future trends

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Jahrgang:   2010
Herausgeber:   Koncept Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
Preis:   800.00€
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