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The Future of Carbon Black in China - The third edition

In recent years, with fast development of automobile industry, China's carbon black industry has witnessed great development. The capacity and the output of carbon black have been increasing. At present, China holds the largest capacity of carbon black in the world.

With the characters of relatively low environmental pollution and low energy consumption, wet method has become popular in carbon black production in China compared with dry method. And almost all the new projects for carbon black are built with wet method. Then what about dry method? Will it be completely replaced by wet method?

Up to now, carbon black producers mainly use coal tar as raw materials to produce carbon black in China. Apart from coal tar, are there any other raw materials for carbon black?

The main consumption pattern of the carbon black is rubber industry in which most of the carbon black is consumed to produce rubber tyres used in automobile production. Furthermore, carbon black is also used in plastic product industry, coating industry, ink industry, battery industry, etc. Recently, the demand for carbon black is on the rise at home and abroad. However, the foreign trade barriers for China's tyre export are set consistantly. And will those barriers have negative influences on China's carbon black market? Then what situation will the consumption of carbon black turn into in the coming five years?

The production of carbon black in the world is gradually transferring to the Asia-Pacific Region, especially China. What do the foreign investors do in China's carbon black market? What the China's carbon black industry will be shaped? To figure out the situation of carbon black in China and the opportunities in China's carbon black market, CCM International has made further survey on carbon black market in China and delivered the report (edition 3) focusing on the following aspects:

Multinational corporations in China's carbon black market Key producers with technology, capacity and output in China, 2006-2011
Current technology and future trends
Raw materials supply situation and trends
Import and export analysis of carbon black, 2006-2011
Consumption pattern of carbon black in different end use segments in China
Main influencing factors analysis on China's carbon black industry Forecast on supply and demand of carbon black in China, 2012-2016

Report Highlights
Companies Mentioned:

Jiangxi Black Cat Co., Ltd.
Cabot Investment ( China ) Co., Ltd.
Hebei Longxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shandong Huadong Rubber Material Co., Ltd.
Hebei Xinxing Carbon Black Co., Ltd.

Chemie   Marktstudie
Jahrgang:   2012
Herausgeber:   CCM International Ltd.
Preis:   7,020.00€
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