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Production & Market of Pentaerythritol in China

Driven by the rapid development of China’s economy in the past few years, China’s pentaerythritol industry has witnessed a fast development. In the past ten years, pentaerythritol's production had been transferred from the EU and North America to Asia, and China has been the top production base ...


Global Market of Yellow Phosphorus - The Second Edition

As a non-renewable resource and one of the most important fertilizers, phosphorus is crucial to human beings. Thus the utilization of phosphorus resources is attracting more and more attention in the world. The production of yellow phosphorus, one of the major downstream products of phosphoric ...


Production and Market of Pymetrozine in China

Pymetrozine, acting with a novel mechanism to stop homopteran insects from feeding such as aphids and whiteflies, has become a popular insecticide in many countries throughout the world, such as the US, Japan and Germany. In China, pymetrozine is also becoming more and more popular now since it ...


Production situation and future development of niacin in China

Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3, including nicotinamide and nicotinic acid. Both of them play the same physiological role. In China, the content of nicotinamide accounts for 90% in Vitamin B3. In the 1960s, China began to produce niacin, but the niacin output was not high due to the ...


Production and Market of Quinolinic Acid in China

Quinolinic acid is an important fine chemical raw material to produce pharmaceuticals and pesticides. Driven by domestic and overseas demand, the production of quinolinic acid has steadily developed in recent years. As of 2011, there are 19 active producers in China, and four producers stop ...


The Future of Carbon Black in China - The third edition

In recent years, with fast development of automobile industry, China's carbon black industry has witnessed great development. The capacity and the output of carbon black have been increasing. At present, China holds the largest capacity of carbon black in the world. With the characters of ...


Production and Market of Ethanolamine in China

China’s ethanolamine industry has changed much in the past three years, especially in 2011. As the second largest producer and consumer of ethanolamine in the world, China will play a more important role in global market. Attracted by growing demand in domestic market, more enterprises are ...


Future of High Intensity Sweeteners in China

China is an important production area of high intensity sweeteners (HIS) in the world, exporting over 60.0% of its output in 2011. After experiencing the depression brought by the impact of 2008 global financial crisis, HIS production in China has gradually recovered since H2 2009. Compared with ...


Survey of Flame Retardants Industry in China - Second edition

Flame retardants have been studied for years for its incomparable function in various products to prevent ignition of fire. At present, flame retardants are mostly applied in plastics and rubber which are used in the manufacture of PCB, electrical & electronics, wire & cable, motor vehicles etc., ...


Survey of Trioctyl Trimellitate (TOTM) in China

With the increasing demand from the downstream industries of TOTM, China's TOTM industry has experienced a stable development in recent years. Up to H1 2012, TOTM capacity has increased to 150,000 t/a, and the output keeps rising with a CAGR of 12.25% from 2009 to 2011. Although China's TOTM ...


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