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Physics Research and Education

The teaching of energy is generally considered by physicists to be an important core concept to understand the material world. Educators at all levels teach basic concepts of energy to students; however, many of the core energy ideas taught to students are not consistent within the physics community, or between physics and other disciplines like life science and chemistry. Energy is sometimes regarded solely as an accounting principle, a calculated quantity representing an abstract idea, not a physical construct. Unlike matter, it is difficult for students to construct a physical representation of energy, and they often struggle to understand energy as a conserved quantity. As Richard Feynman noted in a speech to teachers; “Energy is a very subtle concept. It is very, very difficult to get right.”

This Gordon Research Conference seeks to bring together physics research scientists and physics education researchers for discussions, talks and posters on how energy is taught within the undergraduate curriculum, and how cutting edge research is allowing educators to consider new methods and models for teaching energy concepts. This conference is especially looking for energy related applications that can be used as conceptual frameworks for students. College and university faculty, research associates (postdocs), governmental researchers, textbook authors, curriculum and educational software developers, industrial partners, and graduate and undergraduate students will participate in this conference.

Veranstaltungsort: Bryant University
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Veranstalter: Gordon Research
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