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3rd Small Molecule Activation Conference

Small molecules are constituents of the air we breathe (e.g. N2, O2, CO2) and take part in element cycles and various metabolic processes. Further representatives (e.g. H2, CO, CH4) are produced/converted in nature under anaerobic conditions or in industrial processes on large scales. Hence, small molecules such as those mentioned are readily accessible and comparatively inexpensive, so that it is highly desirable to include them into syntheses of value-added products or to use them as reservoirs of chemical energy (fuels). However, at the same time they are typically quite thermodynamically stable, so that their utilization requires an activation step. The topic of this conference will thus be concerned with various aspects of small molecule activation, with a focus on molecular insights. It provides a stimulating and interdisciplinary environment for both senior scientists and young researchers to discuss latest progress in the field.

Key Sessions

- H2 Activation
- N2 Activation
- NxOy Activation
- O2 Activation
- H2O2 Activation
- Reactive NxHy Species
- COx Chemistry
- CxHy Conversion

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