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A New Look at Kinetics in Relation to Food Storage

Modern mathematical software and user-friendly interactive programs can simplify and speed up kinetics calculations. They also open the way for new approaches to storage data gathering and analysis. This is demonstrated with a recently introduced simple exponential model that is interchangeable with the Arrhenius equation and endpoints and successive points methods and that estimates chemical degradation kinetics parameters from a small number of isothermal or nonisothermal experimental data. Also presented are a method to determine shelf life using two chemical markers and a global phenomenological model for peaked reactions, such as those encountered in lipid oxidation. Also recently introduced are freely downloadable Wolfram Demonstrations and other interactive software to generate, visualize, examine, and/or compare actual or hypothetical storage scenarios in minutes. They include programs that solve pairs of simultaneous nonlinear algebraic or differential rate equations by passing two reconstructed ...

Autoren:   Micha Peleg; Mark D. Normand; Maria G. Corradini
Journal:   Annual Review of Food Science and Technology
Band:   8
Ausgabe:   1
Jahrgang:   2017
Seiten:   135
DOI:   10.1146/annurev-food-030216-025915
Erscheinungsdatum:   28.02.2017
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