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An Overview of Currently Available Antimalarials

Abstract: Background: Despite the substantial progress over the time, malaria remains a major public health concern and causing hundreds of thousands of deaths. Resistance to the available antimalarial therapy increases threat to the global public health.

Objective: Overview of currently available antimalarials.

Method: Literary survey.

Results: The summarized data about different types of antimalarial therapies and their efficiency and modes of action.

Conclusion: Despite the seemingly large number of the drugs currently available for malaria treatment, this arsenal is limited due to the narrow variation of their mechanism of action.

Autoren:   Yu. Gorobets, Nikolay; V. Sedash, Yuriy; K. Singh, Brajendra; Poonam; Rathi, Brijesh
Journal:   Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
DOI:   10.2174/1568026617666170130123520
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