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Analysis of human gliomas by swab touch spray - mass spectrometry: applications to intraoperative assessment of surgical margins and presence of oncometabolites

Touch spray mass spectrometry using medical swabs is an ambient ionization technique (ionization of unprocessed sample in the open air) that has potential intraoperative application in quickly identifying the disease state of tissue and in better characterizing the resection margin. To explore this potential Recent HOT articles

Autoren:   Valentina Pirro; Raquel Sero Llor; Alan K. Jarmusch; Clint M. Alfaro; Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol; Eyas M. Hattab; R. Graham Cooks
Journal:   Analyst
Band:   142
Ausgabe:   21
Seiten:   4058
DOI:   10.1039/C7AN01334E
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