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Frontispiece: Low Molecular Weight Supramolecular Gels Under Shear: Rheology as the Tool for Elucidating Structure–Function Correlation

Rheological studies on supramolecular gel phase materials offer an extensive insight of the structure‐function relationship lies in assembly properties of the molecules participated. The outcome of rheological experiments becomes even more interpretive when a concurrent experiment like rheo‐optics is performed. The review by A. Dawn and H. Kumari on page 762 ff. gives a comprehensive picture of rheology‐based research on supramolecular gel phase materials, and shows the path to rationalize the behaviors of healable and non‐healable supramolecular gel systems based on the interplay between molecular and supramolecular domains.

Autoren:   Arnab Dawn, Harshita Kumari
Journal:   Chemistry - A European Journal
Band:   24
Ausgabe:   4
Jahrgang:   2018
Seiten:   n/a
DOI:   10.1002/chem.201880462
Erscheinungsdatum:   19.01.2018
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