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Author Correction: High-speed volumetric imaging of neuronal activity in freely moving rodents

In the version of this Brief Communication originally published online, ref. 21 included details for a conference paper (Pegard, N. C. et al. Paper presented at Novel Techniques in Microscopy: Optics in the Life Sciences, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 12–15 April 2015). The correct reference is the following: Pégard, N. C. et al. Optica 3, 517–524 (2016). This error has been corrected in the print, HTML and PDF versions of the paper.

Autoren:   Oliver Skocek; Tobias Nöbauer; Lukas Weilguny; Francisca Martínez Traub; Chuying Naomi Xia; Maxim I. Molodtsov; Abhinav Grama; Masahito Yamagata; Daniel Aharoni; David D. Cox; Peyman Golshani; Alipasha Vaziri
Journal:   Nature Methods
Jahrgang:   2018
Seiten:   1
DOI:   10.1038/s41592-018-0034-y
Erscheinungsdatum:   21.05.2018
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