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Molbank, Vol. 2018, Article M994: N-(1-Deoxy-α-d-tagatopyranos-1-yl)-N-methylaniline (“d-Tagatose-N-methylaniline”)

Molbank, Vol. 2018, Article M994: N-(1-Deoxy-α-d-tagatopyranos-1-yl)-N-methylaniline (“d-Tagatose-N-methylaniline”)

Molbank doi: 10.3390/M994

Authors: Valeri Mossine Charles Barnes Thomas Mawhinney

Tagatosamines form in thermally-processed dairy products and contribute to the foods’ organoleptic and nutritional value. d-Tagatose-N-methylaniline (N-(1-deoxy-d-tagatos-1-yl)-N-methylaniline, 1-deoxy-1-(N-methylphenylamino)-d-tagatose) was synthesized from d-galactose via the Amadori rearrangement. In aqueous solution, it established an anomeric equilibrium consisting of 62.8% α-pyranose, 21.3% β-pyranose, 1.5% α-furanose, 8.1% β-furanose, and 6.2% acyclic keto tautomer. The crystalline α-pyranose anomer of d-tagatose-N-methylaniline adopted the 5C2 chair conformation. All hydroxyl and ring oxygen atoms and the amino nitrogen are involved in an extensive H-bonding network dominated by infinite homodromic chains. The Hirshfeld surface analysis suggests a significant contribution of non-polar intermolecular contacts to the crystal structure.

Autoren:   Mossine, Valeri V.; Barnes, Charles L.; Mawhinney, Thomas P.
Journal:   Molbank
Band:   2018
Ausgabe:   2
Jahrgang:   2018
Seiten:   M994
DOI:   10.3390/M994
Erscheinungsdatum:   09.05.2018
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