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Development of a new smog chamber for studying the impact of different UV lamps on SAPRC chemical mechanism predictions and aerosol formation

Stephen White, Dennys Angove, Kangwei Li, Ian Campbell, Adrian Element, Brendan Halliburton, Steve Lavrencic, Donald Cameron, Ian Jamie, Merched Azzi

Environmental context. Chemical mechanisms are an important component of predictive air quality models that are developed using smog chambers. In smog chamber experiments, UV lamps are often used to simulate sunlight, and the choice of lamp can influence the obtained data, leading to differences in model predictions. We investigate the effect of various UV lamps on the prediction accuracy of a key mechanism in atmospheric chemistry.

Autoren:   ie=edge
Journal:   Environmental Chemistry
Jahrgang:   2018
DOI:   10.1071/EN18005
Erscheinungsdatum:   13.06.2018
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