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Click Synthesis of Shape-Persistent Azodendrimers and their Orthogonal Self-Assembly to Nanofibres

Tamer El Malah, Hany F. Nour

The copper(i)-catalyzed click reactions have been utilized to synthesize a series of scaffold aminodendrons, which successfully underwent azodimerization to construct a series of pyridyl- and phenyl-based azodendrimers loaded with peripheral alkyl or ether side chains. The molecular self-assembly of the new azodendrimers was investigated and the results showed uniform self-assembly to nanofibrous material for one composite.

Autoren:   ie=edge
Journal:   Australian Journal of Chemistry
Jahrgang:   2018
DOI:   10.1071/CH17644
Erscheinungsdatum:   14.06.2018
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