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IJMS, Vol. 19, Pages 1762: Molecular Genetics and Breeding for Nutrient Use Efficiency in Rice

IJMS, Vol. 19, Pages 1762: Molecular Genetics and Breeding for Nutrient Use Efficiency in Rice

International Journal of Molecular Sciences doi: 10.3390/ijms19061762

Authors: Jauhar Ali Zilhas Ahmed Jewel Anumalla Mahender Annamalai Anandan Jose Hernandez Zhikang Li

In the coming decades, rice production needs to be carried out sustainably to keep the balance between profitability margins and essential resource input costs. Many fertilizers, such as N, depend primarily on fossil fuels, whereas P comes from rock phosphates. How long these reserves will last and sustain agriculture remains to be seen. Therefore, current agricultural food production under such conditions remains an enormous and colossal challenge. Researchers have been trying to identify nutrient use-efficient varieties over the past few decades with limited success. The concept of nutrient use efficiency is being revisited to understand the molecular genetic basis, while much of it is not entirely understood yet. However, significant achievements have recently been observed at the molecular level in nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency. Breeding teams are trying to incorporate these valuable QTLs and genes into their rice breeding programs. In this review, we seek to identify the achievements and the progress made so far in the fields of genetics, molecular breeding and biotechnology, especially for nutrient use efficiency in rice.

Autoren:   Ali, Jauhar ; Jewel, Zilhas Ahmed; Mahender, Anumalla ; Anandan, Annamalai ; Hernandez, Jose ; Li, Zhikang
Journal:   International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Band:   19
Ausgabe:   6
Jahrgang:   2018
Seiten:   1762
DOI:   10.3390/ijms19061762
Erscheinungsdatum:   14.06.2018
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