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Coordination, Reactivity, and Structural Properties of Electron-Rich Ethoxy- and Dimethylamino-Substituted 1,3-Diketiminate Ligands and Their Complexes

In this paper we describe the synthesis, characterization, and X-ray crystal structures of two ligands, diethyl-N,N'-bis(p-tolyl)malonimidate and 1,3-bis(dimethylamino)-N,N'-bis(p-tolyl)propanediimidate. Their corresponding rhodium(I) dicarbonyl, dimethylaluminium, and bis-ligated zinc complexes have also be

Autoren:   Michael A. Land; Bright Huo; Katherine Nancy Robertson; Kai Ylijoki; Peter Tak Kwong Lee; Jetsuda Areephong; Dragoslav Vidovic; Jason A C Clyburne
Journal:   Dalton Transactions
DOI:   10.1039/C8DT01875H
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