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Cobalt entrenched N-, O-, and S-tridoped carbons as efficient multifunctional sustainable catalysts for base-free selective oxidative esterification of alcohols

We report the synthesis of sustainable and reusable non-noble transition-metal (cobalt) nanocatalysts containing N-, O-, and S-tridoped carbon nanotubes (Co@NOSC) composites. The inexpensive and benign carrageenan served as carbon, oxygen, and sulfur source, while urea supplied the nitrogen component. The ma

Autoren:   Devaki Nandan; Giorgio Zoppellaro; Ivo Medrik; Claudia Aparicio; Pawan Kumar; Martin Petr; Ondrej Tomanec; Manoj B Gawande; Rajender S Varma; Radek Zboril
Journal:   Green Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C8GC01333K
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