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Single ion sandwich-type polyoxomolybdates based on Strandberg anions and their electrocatalytic properties

Publication date:

August 2018

Source:Inorganic Chemistry Communications, Volume 94

Author(s): Ming Xu, Fengyan Li, Ting Wang, Lin Xu

Two new single ion sandwich-type polyoxometalate compounds built on Strandberg-type anions and divalent transition metal cations, (NH4)10[Cu(H2O)4(P2Mo5O23)2]·6H2O (1) and (NH4)10[Mn(H2O)4(P2Mo5O23)2]·6H2O (2) were synthesized and structurally characterized by single crystal X-ray crystallography. To the best of our knowledge, these compounds represent the first case of pure inorganic sandwich-type phosphomolybdate based on the coordination between copper(II)/manganese(II) cation and terminal oxygen atoms from Strandberg-type anions {P2Mo5O23}6−. UV–Vis spectrum and surface photovoltage spectra clearly indicate that the two compounds exhibit semiconducting behavior. Significantly, cyclic voltammetry of compounds 1 and 2 show five redox peaks, and electrocatalytic experiments show that compounds 1 and 2 possess excellent electrocatalytic activity for nitrite and hydrogen peroxide reduction.
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Autoren:   Author(s): Ming Xu, Fengyan Li, Ting Wang, Lin Xu
Journal:   Inorganic Chemistry Communications
Jahrgang:   2018
Erscheinungsdatum:   01.07.2018
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