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Syntheses, Crystal-Solution Structures and Magnetic Properties of a Series of Decanuclear Heterometallic [LnIII2CoII4CoIII4] (Ln= Eu, Gd, Tb, Dy) Clusters

Four unprecedented decanuclear heterometallic [Ln2CoII4CoIII4] clusters based on diethanolamine ligand (H2dea), namely [Eu2CoII4CoIII4(dea)8(HCOO)4(OH)2(Cl)2(CH3OH)2]Cl2•4CH3OH•2H2O (1) , [Gd2CoII4CoIII4(dea)8(HCOO)4(OH)2(Cl)2(CH3OH)2]Cl2•4CH3OH•2H2O (2), [Tb2CoII4CoIII4(dea)8(HCOO)4(OH)2(Cl)2(CH3OH)2]Cl2•2C

Autoren:   You-Zhu Yu; Yue-Qiao Hu; Yu-Hua Guo; Yong-Sheng Niu; Liguo Yang; Haixiang Song; Yan-Hong Shen; Xiao-Ming Zheng; Shaogang Hou; Guo dong Feng
Journal:   Dalton Transactions
DOI:   10.1039/C8DT01252K
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