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A fluorometric skin-interfaced microfluidic device and smartphone imaging module for in situ quantitative analysis of sweat chemistry

The rich composition of solutes and metabolites in sweat and its relative ease of collection upon excretion from skin pores make this class of biofluid an attractive candidate for point of care analysis. Wearable technologies that combine electrochemical sensors with conventional or emerging semiconductor device te

Autoren:   Yurina Sekine; Sung Bong Kim; Yi Zhang; Amay J. Bandodkar; Shuai Xu; Jungil Choi; Masahiro Irie; Tyler R. Ray; Punit Kohli; Naofumi Kozai; Tsuyoshi Sugita; Yixin Wu; KunHyuck Lee; Kyu-Tae Lee; Roozbeh Ghaffari; John A. Rogers
Journal:   Lab on a Chip
DOI:   10.1039/C8LC00530C
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