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Cytotoxicity studies of selected cadmium-based quantum dots on 2D vs. 3D cell cultures

In our work, the cytotoxicity of selected, cadmium-based quantum dots with various surface architectures was studied on 3D spheroids. A specially designed microsystem as a tool for three-dimensional cell culture and nanoparticle toxicity evaluation was used for this aim. Two types of hydrophilic quantum dots with d

Autoren:   Ilona Grabowska-Jadach; Agnieszka Zuchowska; Marta Olesik; Marcin Drozd; Mariusz Pietrzak; Elzbieta Malinowska; Zbigniew Brzozka
Journal:   New Journal of Chemistry
DOI:   10.1039/C8NJ01986J
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