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Atomic-force microscopy of nickel nanoparticles possessing electrocatalytic properties

Surface morphology of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite with electrodeposited nickel nanoparticles was studied by atomic-force microscopy in the presence and absence of ethanol. Voltammetric and atomic-force microscopic data and histograms of particle size distribution were used to evaluate the unit-area catalytic activity of the nanocatalyst in relation to conditions of its preparation.

Autoren:   S. A. Ziganshina, D. A. Bizyaev, D. V. Lebedev, A. P. Chuklanov, A. A. Bukharaev
Journal:   Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry
Jahrgang:   2010
DOI:   10.1134/S1070427210100058
Erscheinungsdatum:   25.11.2010
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