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Parameterization of the chaotic surface relief based on atomic-force microscopic data

An approach to parameterization of the structure of chaotic surfaces was presented which employs the flicker-noise spectroscopic technique for analyzing the atomic-force microscopy data arrays. This approach implies calculation of the surface relief parameters with the use of the information parameters characterizing the components of the surface relief profiles for different spatial frequency ranges. The basic characteristics of the nanoscale surface structure include the nanorelief stepwiseness and spikiness describing the highest-frequency component of the nanorelief. The capabilities of the FNS methodology were demonstrated by the example of parameterization of AFM data arrays for binary and triple systems crystallized on mica from aqueous acidic solutions of chitosan, Pluronic, and porphyrin photosensitizer (dimegin). These systems attract much interest in the context of studies dedicated photoinduced oxidation of organic substrates in aqueous solutions.

Autoren:   P. I. Misurkin, N. A. Aksenova, P. S. Timashev, V. A. Timofeeva, A. B. Solov’eva
Journal:   Russian Journal of General Chemistry
Jahrgang:   2011
DOI:   10.1134/S1070363211010439
Erscheinungsdatum:   21.02.2011
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