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Entropy, Vol. 13, Pages 1541-1554: Phase-Controlled Atom-Photon Entanglement in a Three-Level V-Type Atomic System via Spontaneously Generated Coherence

We investigate the dynamical behavior of the atom-photon entanglement in a V-type three-level quantum system using the atomic reduced entropy. It is shown that an atom and photons are entangled at the steady-state; however disentanglement can also be achieved in an special condition. It is demonstrated that in the presence of quantum interference induced by spontaneous emission, the reduced entropy and the atom-photon entanglement are phase-dependent. A non-stationary solution is also obtained when the quantum interference due to the spontaneous emission is completely included.

Autoren:   Mohammad Abazari; Ali Mortezapour; Mohammad Mahmoudi; Mostafa Sahrai
Journal:   Entropy
Band:   13
Ausgabe:   9
Jahrgang:   2011
Seiten:   1541
Erscheinungsdatum:   25.08.2011
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