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Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Selenide Nanoparticles via a Facile Sonochemical Route Starting from a Novel Inorganic Precursor

Silver selenide nanoparticles were synthesized by the reaction between silver benzoate and SeCl4 via a sonochemical method. The as-synthesized Ag2Se nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectra and energy-dispersive X-ray microanalysis. Facile preparation and separation were important features of this route. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first time that silver benzoate was used as silver precursor for the synthesis of silver selenide nanoparticles.

Autoren:   Maryam Jafari, Masoud Salavati-Niasari, Fatemeh Mohandes
Journal:   Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials
Jahrgang:   2012
Seiten:   1
DOI:   10.1007/s10904-012-9784-7
Erscheinungsdatum:   30.10.2012
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