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Chromate-free conversion coatings on 1370 aluminum alloy

Formation and protective properties of conversion coatings on 1370 aluminum alloy that were obtained in an IFKhANAL-3 alkaline conversion solution are studied. The subsequent filling of the coatings in an inhibitor solution is shown to produce coatings that are resistant to pitting corrosion in chloride environments. Results of corrosion experiments reveal good protective properties of the coatings that are no worse than conventional chromate coatings.

Autoren:   Yu. A. Kuzenkov, S. V. Oleinik, S. A. Karimova, T. G. Pavlovskaya
Journal:   Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces
Band:   48
Ausgabe:   7
Jahrgang:   2012
Seiten:   784
DOI:   10.1134/S2070205112070106
Erscheinungsdatum:   19.11.2012
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