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Growth of ultra-long free-space-nanowire by the real-time feedback control of the scanning speed on focused-ion-beam chemical vapor deposition

Free-space-nanowiring using focused-ion-beam chemical vapor deposition (FIB-CVD) has been demonstrated to enable the fabrication of various innovative three-dimensional (3D) nanodevices with overhanging structures. However, due to the change in growth characteristics, it is difficult to fabricate a free-space-nanostructure larger than several micrometers while keeping a uniform angle. Normally, the free-space-nanowire deviates downward from the starting angle after becoming approximately 2 μm long. In this study, the authors proposed a technology to fabricate ultralong horizontal free-space-nanowire by using the growth angle dependency of specimen current and carrying out feedback control of the scanning speed on Ga+ FIB. The feedback control system monitors the specimen current and controls the scanning speed of FIB in real-time while judging the value of specimen current. Ultralong horizontal free-space-nanowire with a length more than 30 μm and a length to thickness ratio as high as 300 was achieved. The results verified that real-time feedback control on FIB-CVD is a promising technology for the fabrication of large scale free-space-nanostructure and that a larger variety of 3D nanodevices can be achieved by applying this technology to the computer pattern generator.

Autoren:   Dengji Guo, Reo Kometani, Shin'ichi Warisawa, and Sunao Ishihara
Journal:   Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B
Band:   31
Ausgabe:   6
Jahrgang:   2013
Seiten:   061601
DOI:   10.1116/1.4824170
Erscheinungsdatum:   03.10.2013
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