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Study of the component composition of a mixture of officinal herbs

03.08.2009 | A. N. Kuzmenko, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

We study the component composition of the volatile fraction of acetonitrile extracts of a choleretic mixture and separate types of raw materials in it. The characteristic substances/markers have been selected for separate types of herbs. The study is conducted by gas-liquid chromatography with a ...


Analysis of Nootsetam syrup by gradient high-performance liquid chromatography

03.08.2009 | G. B. Golubitskii, V. M. Ivanov, Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin, 2009

An original procedure was suggested for analyzing a new multicomponent medicinal preparation, Nootsetam syrup, by high-performance liquid chromatography in a linear gradient mode. The confidence of results was confirmed upon the analysis of model solutions containing active main, preservatives, ...


Portable laboratory Akva-Test designed for the drinking water analysis in the field environment

13.07.2009 | V. V. Goncharuk, A. V. Terletskaya, O. V. Terletskii, T. A. Bogoslovskaya, A. S. Pashuta, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

This study presents an overview of the state-of-the-art portable measuring instruments and test systems for water analysis. Prototypes of portable colorimeters designed for operation in optical bands 520–550 and 570–600 nm have been created. Portable laboratory Akva-Test has been developed and ...


Methods of determining perchlorates

13.07.2009 | V. V. Goncharuk, O. V. Zui, N. F. Kushchevskaya, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

The literature sources on the methods of determination of perchlorate in different objects has been systematized. Perchlorate in waters and soil is a microcomponent and for its determination highly sensitive methods are required. Known spectrophotometric methods are characterized by sensitivity ...


Inactivation of the test microorganism E.coli K-12 with ozone in water in the presence of humic acids and hydrogen peroxide

13.07.2009 | T. I. Levadnaya, O. S. Savluk, N. M. Soboleva, N. G. Potapchenko, V. V. Goncharuk, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

It was found that in the water containing impurities in the presence of ozone radical reactions occur. In this case stable activated oxygen-containing radicals as well as radicals of organic compounds are formed. The radicals play a significant role in the processes of water decontamination with ...


Flocculation of the titanium dioxide suspension (anatase) with compositions from anionic and cationic acrylamide copolymers

13.07.2009 | V. E. Proskurina, V. A. Myagchenkov, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

We have studied the kinetics of flocculation in metered introduction into an aqueous-salt medium of compositions from acrylamide anionic and cationic copolymers in the mode of hindered precipitation on a model disperse system—a suspension of titanium dioxide of the anatase form. We have noted a ...


Production and structural-sorption properties of alumosilicates with a hard structural cell modified with polyelectrolyte

13.07.2009 | M. Yu. Trifonova, Yu. I. Tarasevich, S. V. Bondarenko, A. I. Zhukov, Z. G. Ivanova, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

We have developed a method of modifying layer silicates with cationic polyelectrolyte-hydrochloride polyhexamethyl guanidine. Using samples of layer silicates with a hard structured cell (kaolinite and hydromica) we realized the proposed method of modification. It was shown that at a sharp ...


Electrochemical behavior of diluted aqueous electrolytes containing oxygen after superimposition of mechanical effects

13.07.2009 | K. A. Kazdobin, E. D. Pershina, E. V. Kokhanenko, V. Yu. Duma, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

We have conducted potentiometric and voltamperometric research of strongly diluted aqueous solutions of electrolytes in stationary and dynamic conditions. We have found a mechanochemical effect on the readings of a standard redox electrode in model solutions and natural waters, which is absent in ...


The electrohydrodynamic method of regulating the pH of the threshold solution in disperse systems

13.07.2009 | L. L. Lysenko, N. A. Mishchuk, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

We have proposed and theoretically substantiated the hydrodynamic method of regulating the pH during electric treatment of moisture-containing disperse systems, namely: clay-containing sludge and various types of soils. We have conducted experimental verification of the proposed method and ...


Impact of humic matter on sorption of radionuclides by montmorrilonite

13.07.2009 | G. N. Pshinko, Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology, 2009

The paper has analyzed the impact on sorption by montmorrilonite of the chemical nature of radionuclides, forms of their finding and concentration of humic matter. It has been found that for Eu(III) and Th(IV) in the presence of humic matter one can observe reduction of sorption within the pH ...


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