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Discrete Fourier Transform-Based Multivariate Image Analysis: Application to Modeling of Aromatase Inhibitory Activity

22.01.2018 | Stephen J. Barigye; Matheus P. Freitas; Priscila Ausina; Patricia Zancan; Mauro Sola-Penna; Juan A. Castillo-Garit, Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 2018

We recently generalized the formerly alignment-dependent multivariate image analysis applied to quantitative structure–activity relationships (MIA-QSAR) method through the application of the discrete Fourier transform (DFT), allowing for its application to noncongruent and structurally diverse ...


Proteomic Analysis of the Downstream Signaling Network of PARP1

19.01.2018 | Yuanli Zhen; Yonghao Yu, Biochemistry, 2018

Poly-ADP-ribosylation (PARylation) is a protein posttranslational modification (PTM) that is critically involved in many biological processes that are linked to cell stress responses. It is catalyzed by a class of enzymes known as poly-ADP-ribose polymerases (PARPs). In particular, PARP1 is a ...


Oxygen Activation and Energy Conservation by Cytochrome c Oxidase

19.01.2018 | Mårten Wikström; Klaas Krab; Vivek Sharma, Chemical Reviews, 2018

This review focuses on the type A cytochrome c oxidases (CcO), which are found in all mitochondria and also in several aerobic bacteria. CcO catalyzes the respiratory reduction of dioxygen (O2) to water by an intriguing mechanism, the details of which are fairly well understood today as a result ...


Electronic and Nonlinear Optical Properties of l-Histidine on Silver: A Theoretical and Experimental Approach

19.01.2018 | U. Reeta Felscia; Beulah J. M. Rajkumar; Monickaraj Nidya; Pranitha Sankar, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2018

An investigation of the electrostatic interactions between histidine and silver have been analyzed using density functional theory (DFT). Variations in the structural parameters were identified to be significant at those atoms of histidine near the silver cluster. The shifting of frontier ...


Aqueous Synthesis of High-Quality Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanocrystals and Their Thermal Annealing Characteristics

19.01.2018 | Cameron Ritchie; Anthony S. R. Chesman; Mark Styles; Jacek J. Jasieniak; Paul Mulvaney, Langmuir, 2018

Copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS) nanocrystal inks are promising candidates for the development of cheap, efficient, scalable, and nontoxic photovoltaic (PV) devices. However, optimization of the synthetic chemistry to achieve these goals remains a key challenge. Herein we describe a single-step, ...


Monitoring Thiol–Ligand Exchange on Au Nanoparticle Surfaces

19.01.2018 | Martin Kluenker; Mihail Mondeshki; Muhammad Nawaz Tahir; Wolfgang Tremel, Langmuir, 2018

Surface functionalization of nanoparticles (NPs) plays a crucial role in particle solubility and reactivity. It is vital for particle nucleation and growth as well as for catalysis. This raises the quest for functionalization efficiency and new approaches to probe the degree of surface coverage. ...


Unveiling the Shape Evolution and Halide-Ion-Segregation in Blue-Emitting Formamidinium Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals Using an Automated Microfluidic Platform

19.01.2018 | Ioannis Lignos; Loredana Protesescu; Dilara Börte Emiroglu; Richard Maceiczyk; Simon Schneider; Maksym V. Kovalenko; ..., Nano Letters, 2018

Hybrid organic–inorganic perovskites and in particular formamidinium lead halide (FAPbX3, X = Cl, Br, I) perovskite nanocrystals (NCs) have shown great promise for their implementation in optoelectronic devices. Specifically, the Br and I counterparts have shown unprecedented photoluminescence ...


Environmentally Triggerable Retinoic Acid-Inducible Gene I Agonists Using Synthetic Polymer Overhangs

19.01.2018 | Christian R. Palmer; Max E. Jacobson; Olga Fedorova; Anna M. Pyle; John T. Wilson, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2018

Retinoic acid-inducible gene I (RIG-I) is a cytosolic pattern recognition receptor (PRR) that potently activates antiviral innate immunity upon recognition of 5′ triphosphorylated double-stranded RNA (pppRNA). Accordingly, RNA ligands of the RIG-I pathway have recently emerged as promising ...


3D Network and 2D Paper of Reduced Graphene Oxide/Cu2O Composite for Electrochemical Sensing of Hydrogen Peroxide

19.01.2018 | Chunfeng Cheng; Chunmei Zhang; Xiaohui Gao; Zhihua Zhuang; Cheng Du; Wei Chen, Analytical Chemistry, 2018

In this study, two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) freestanding reduced graphene oxide-supported Cu2O composites (Cu2O-rGO) were synthesized via simple and cost-efficient hydrothermal and filtration strategies. The structural characterizations clearly showed that highly porous 3D ...


Investigation of the Internal Chemical Composition of Chitosan-Based LbL Films by Depth-Profiling X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) Analysis

19.01.2018 | Thiago B. Taketa; Danilo M. dos Santos; Anderson Fiamingo; Juliana M. Vaz; Marisa M. Beppu; Sérgio P. Campana-Filho; ..., Langmuir, 2018

Chitosan-based thin films were assembled using the layer-by-layer technique, and the axial composition was accessed using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy with depth profiling. Chitosan (CHI) samples possessing different degrees of acetylation (DA̅) and molecular weight (Mv̅) produced via the ...


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