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[Immunology] Which Dengue Vaccine Approach Is the Most Promising, and Should We Be Concerned about Enhanced Disease after Vaccination?: Questions Raised by the Development and Implementation of Dengue Vaccines: Example of the Sanofi Pasteur Tetravalent Dengue Vaccine

01.06.2018 | Bruno Guy, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Dengue is a still-growing public health concern in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The development and implementation of an effective dengue vaccine in these regions is a high priority. This insight focuses on the expected characteristics of a safe and efficacious vaccine, ...


Preparation of Cellular Extracts from Xenopus Eggs and Embryos

01.06.2018 | Matthew C. Good; Rebecca Heald, CSH Protocols, 2018

Cell-free cytoplasmic extracts prepared from Xenopus eggs have been used extensively to recapitulate and characterize intracellular events in vitro. Egg extracts can be induced to transit the cell cycle and reconstitute assembly of dynamic structures including the interphase nucleus and the ...


[Molecular Biology] Circadian Posttranscriptional Regulatory Mechanisms in Mammals

01.06.2018 | Carla B. Green, CSH Perspectives, 2018

The circadian clock drives rhythms in the levels of thousands of proteins in the mammalian cell, arising in part from rhythmic transcriptional regulation of the genes that encode them. However, recent evidence has shown that posttranscriptional processes also play a major role in generating the ...


Isolation of IgY from Chicken Eggs

01.06.2018 | Fishman, J. B., Berg, E. A., CSH Protocols, 2018

Because IgY does not interact with either Protein A or Protein G, more traditional methods must be used for its isolation. To isolate chicken IgY from the yolk of chicken eggs, the yolks and the whites must be separated much in the way a cook does. Minimizing the egg white proteins is an ...


[Cell Biology] Microtubules and Microtubule-Associated Proteins

01.06.2018 | Holly V. Goodson; Erin M. Jonasson, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Microtubules act as "railways" for motor-driven intracellular transport, interact with accessory proteins to assemble into larger structures such as the mitotic spindle, and provide an organizational framework to the rest of the cell. Key to these functions is the fact that microtubules are ...


In Vitro Fertilization in Mice

01.06.2018 | Takeo, T., Nakagata, N., CSH Protocols, 2018

The success of in vitro fertilization is strongly influenced by genetic background, handling of sperm and oocytes, and culture conditions. This protocol promotes enhanced rates of fertilization by using preincubation medium for sperm containing methyl-β-cyclodextrin (MBCD) and fertilization ...


[Cell Signaling] TGF-{beta} Family Signaling in Early Vertebrate Development

01.06.2018 | Joseph Zinski; Benjamin Tajer; Mary C. Mullins, CSH Perspectives, 2018

TGF-β family ligands function in inducing and patterning many tissues of the early vertebrate embryonic body plan. Nodal signaling is essential for the specification of mesendodermal tissues and the concurrent cellular movements of gastrulation. Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling patterns ...


Analysis of Cell Viability by the alamarBlue Assay

01.06.2018 | Kumar, P., Nagarajan, A., Uchil, P. D., CSH Protocols, 2018

This protocol describes viability measurements for cell cultures in a 96-well tissue culture plate using alamarBlue (resazurin). The assay can be modified to accommodate larger plates; however, for a preliminary analysis of transfection reagents and parameters of the transfection protocol on cell ...


[Immunology] Which Dengue Vaccine Approach Is the Most Promising, and Should We Be Concerned about Enhanced Disease after Vaccination?: The Path to a Dengue Vaccine: Learning from Human Natural Dengue Infection Studies and Vaccine Trials

01.06.2018 | Aravinda M. de Silva; Eva Harris, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Dengue virus (DENV) is the most common arthropod-borne viral disease of humans. Although effective vaccines exist against other flaviviral diseases like yellow fever and Japanese encephalitis, dengue vaccine development is complicated by the presence of four virus serotypes and the possibility of ...


Mouse Sperm Cryopreservation Using Cryoprotectant Containing L-Glutamine

01.06.2018 | Takeo, T., Nakagata, N., CSH Protocols, 2018

Efforts to advance sperm cryopreservation are ongoing and include modifications in the cryoprotective agents. The addition of l-glutamine maintains post-thaw motility and reduces plasma membrane damage to sperm.


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