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[Molecular Biology] Cytokines and Long Noncoding RNAs

01.06.2018 | Susan Carpenter; Katherine A. Fitzgerald, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Cytokines and long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) are intertwined in the regulatory circuit controlling immunity. lncRNA expression levels are altered following cytokine stimulation in a cell-type-specific fashion. lncRNAs, in turn, regulate the inducible expression of cytokines following immune ...


Ammonium Sulfate Fractionation of Antibodies

01.06.2018 | Fishman, J. B., Berg, E. A., CSH Protocols, 2018

Before the widespread availability and use of Protein A (rabbit) or Protein G (rodent) for the purification of IgG, the use of an ammonium sulfate "cut" was the standard method to isolate IgG and other serum proteins. The addition of ammonium sulfate reduces the effective solubility of proteins ...


[Immunology] Which Dengue Vaccine Approach Is the Most Promising, and Should We Be Concerned about Enhanced Disease after Vaccination?: There Is Only One True Winner

01.06.2018 | Scott B. Halstead, CSH Perspectives, 2018

The scientific community now possesses information obtained directly from human beings that makes it possible to understand why breakthrough-enhanced dengue virus (DENV) infections occurred in children receiving Sanofi Pasteur’s Dengvaxia tetravalent live attenuated vaccine and to predict the ...


Isolation and Demembranation of Xenopus Sperm Nuclei

01.06.2018 | James W. Hazel; Jesse C. Gatlin, CSH Protocols, 2018

The inherent experimental advantages of intact amphibian eggs have been exploited for several decades to advance our understanding of fundamental developmental processes and the cell cycle. Characterization of these processes at the molecular level has been greatly advanced by the use of ...


[Immunology] Which Dengue Vaccine Approach Is the Most Promising, and Should We Be Concerned about Enhanced Disease after Vaccination?: The Challenges of a Dengue Vaccine

01.06.2018 | Gavin Screaton; Juthathip Mongkolsapaya, CSH Perspectives, 2018

A dengue vaccine has been pursued for more than 50 years and, unlike other flaviviral vaccines such as that against yellow fever, progress has been slow. In this review, we describe progress toward the first licensed dengue vaccine Dengvaxia, which does not give complete protection against ...


Analysis of Cell Viability by the Lactate Dehydrogenase Assay

01.06.2018 | Kumar, P., Nagarajan, A., Uchil, P. D., CSH Protocols, 2018

A common method for determining cytotoxicity is based on measuring the activity of cytoplasmic enzymes released by damaged cells. Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) is a stable cytoplasmic enzyme that is found in all cells. LDH is rapidly released into the cell culture supernatant when the plasma ...


[Immunology] Which Dengue Vaccine Approach Is the Most Promising, and Should We Be Concerned about Enhanced Disease after Vaccination?: The Risks of Incomplete Immunity to Dengue Virus Revealed by Vaccination

01.06.2018 | Stephen S. Whitehead; Kanta Subbarao, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Immune enhancement of dengue disease continues to be a concern for those with incomplete immunity in endemic areas. Advanced testing and follow-up of a newly available live attenuated dengue vaccine has recently shown the ability of vaccination to predispose some recipients for a severe outcome ...


Nucleus Assembly and Import in Xenopus laevis Egg Extract

01.06.2018 | Chen, P., Levy, D. L., CSH Protocols, 2018

Xenopus egg extract represents a powerful cell-free biochemical tool for studying organelle assembly and function. Large quantities of cytoplasm can be isolated, and biochemical manipulation of extract composition and cell cycle state is relatively straightforward. In this protocol, we describe ...


[Cell Signaling] Cell-Cell Contact and Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling

01.06.2018 | Christine Chiasson-MacKenzie; Andrea I. McClatchey, CSH Perspectives, 2018

The behavior of cells within tissues is governed by the activities of adhesion receptors that provide spatial cues and transmit forces through intercellular junctions, and by growth-factor receptors, particularly receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs), that respond to biochemical signals from the ...


Protein Quantitation

01.06.2018 | Greenfield, E. A., CSH Protocols, 2018

Methods for quantifying protein samples include colorimetric assays (e.g., using bicinchoninic acid, Bradford, or Lowry reagents) and ultraviolet (UV) detection (e.g., using NanoDrop technology). Seven such methods are outlined here.


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