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[Molecular Biology] Therapeutic Opportunities in Eukaryotic Translation

01.06.2018 | Jennifer Chu; Jerry Pelletier, CSH Perspectives, 2018

The ability to block biological processes with selective small molecules provides advantages distinct from most other experimental approaches. These include rapid time to onset, swift reversibility, ability to probe activities in manners that cannot be accessed by genetic means, and the potential ...


Rapid Isolation of Yeast DNA

01.06.2018 | Green, M. R., Sambrook, J., CSH Protocols, 2018

This method is used to isolate yeast genomic DNA or shuttle plasmids that replicated both in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and in E. coli.


Analysis of Cell Viability by the MTT Assay

01.06.2018 | Kumar, P., Nagarajan, A., Uchil, P. D., CSH Protocols, 2018

Among viability assays that depend on the conversion of substrate to chromogenic product by live cells, the MTT assay is still among one of the most versatile and popular assays. The MTT assay involves the conversion of the water-soluble yellow dye MTT ...


[Molecular Pathology] Role of the {beta} Common ({beta}c) Family of Cytokines in Health and Disease

01.06.2018 | Timothy R. Hercus; Winnie L. T. Kan; Sophie E. Broughton; Denis Tvorogov; Hayley S. Ramshaw; Jarrod J. Sandow; Tracy ..., CSH Perspectives, 2018

The β common ([βc]/CD131) family of cytokines comprises granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF), interleukin (IL)-3, and IL-5, all of which use βc as their key signaling receptor subunit. This is a prototypic signaling subunit-sharing cytokine family that has unveiled many ...


Assembly of Spindles and Asters in Xenopus Egg Extracts

01.06.2018 | Field, C. M., Mitchison, T. J., CSH Protocols, 2018

Here, we provide methods for assembly of mitotic spindles and interphase asters in Xenopus laevis egg extract, and compare them to spindles and asters in the egg and zygote. Classic "cycled" spindles are made by adding sperm nuclei to metaphase-arrested cytostatic factor (CSF) extract and ...


Preparation of Antibody Using Caprylic Acid

01.06.2018 | Fishman, J. B., Berg, E. A., CSH Protocols, 2018

Caprylic acid has been used to enrich IgG from serum, ascites, and cell culture supernatants by precipitating the non-IgG serum proteins. By precipitating all of the unwanted serum proteins rather than the antibodies, the tendency of antibodies to aggregate when precipitated is avoided. This ...



01.05.2018 | Kim, T. H., Dekker, J., CSH Protocols, 2018

Owing to its digital nature, ChIP-seq has become the standard method for genome-wide ChIP analysis. Using next-generation sequencing platforms (notably the Illumina Genome Analyzer), millions of short sequence reads can be obtained. The densities of recovered ChIP sequence reads along the genome ...


[Biochemistry] Motor Proteins

01.05.2018 | H. Lee Sweeney; Erika L.F. Holzbaur, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Myosin motors power movements on actin filaments, whereas dynein and kinesin motors power movements on microtubules. The mechanisms of these motor proteins differ, but, in all cases, ATP hydrolysis and subsequent release of the hydrolysis products drives a cycle of interactions with the track ...


[Cell Biology] Cellular Timekeeping: Its Redox oClock

01.05.2018 | Nikolay B. Milev; Sue-Goo Rhee; Akhilesh B. Reddy, CSH Perspectives, 2018

Mounting evidence in recent years supports the extensive interaction between the circadian and redox systems. The existence of such a relationship is not surprising because most organisms, be they diurnal or nocturnal, display daily oscillations in energy intake, locomotor activity, and exposure ...


The Basic Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

01.05.2018 | Michael R. Green; Joseph Sambrook, CSH Protocols, 2018

This protocol describes the reagents and procedures required to amplify a segment of double-stranded DNA in a chain reaction catalyzed by a thermostable DNA polymerase. It is the foundation for all subsequent variations of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).


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