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Predictors and trajectories of antibiotic consumption in 22 EU countries: Findings from a time series analysis (2000–2014)

22.06.2018 | Maria Michela Gianino; Jacopo Lenzi; Marco Bonaudo; Maria Pia Fantini; Walter Ricciardi; Gianfranco Damiani, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Maria Michela Gianino, Jacopo Lenzi, Marco Bonaudo, Maria Pia Fantini, Walter Ricciardi, Gianfranco Damiani Background This study analyzes the trajectories of antibiotic consumption using different indicators of patients’ socioeconomic status, category and age-group of physicians. Methods ...


Identification of DNA methylation prognostic signature of acute myelocytic leukemia

22.06.2018 | Haiguo Zhang; Guanli Song; Guanbo Song; Ruolei Li; Min Gao; Ling Ye; Chengfang Zhang, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Haiguo Zhang, Guanli Song, Guanbo Song, Ruolei Li, Min Gao, Ling Ye, Chengfang Zhang Background The aim of this study is to find the potential survival related DNA methylation signature capable of predicting survival time for acute myelocytic leukemia (AML) patients. Methods DNA ...


Influence of the time interval from diagnosis to treatment on survival for early-stage liver cancer

22.06.2018 | Wen-Chen Tsai; Pei-Tseng Kung; Yueh-Hsin Wang; Wei-Yin Kuo; Ya-Hsin Li, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Wen-Chen Tsai, Pei-Tseng Kung, Yueh-Hsin Wang, Wei-Yin Kuo, Ya-Hsin Li Objectives Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer in men and the ninth most common cancer in women, and the WHO expects that there will be 1,341,344 cases in 2034 worldwide. Liver cancer also has the second-highest ...


Estimation of the duration between HIV seroconversion and HIV diagnosis in different population groups in French Guiana: Strategic information to reduce the proportion of undiagnosed infections

22.06.2018 | Mathieu Nacher; Antoine Adenis; Florence Huber; Edouard Hallet; Philippe Abboud; Emilie Mosnier; Bastien Bideau; Chr ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Mathieu Nacher, Antoine Adenis, Florence Huber, Edouard Hallet, Philippe Abboud, Emilie Mosnier, Bastien Bideau, Christian Marty, Aude Lucarelli, Vanessa Morel, François Lacapère, Loïc Epelboin, Pierre Couppié Background Given the great efforts put into the strategic objective of reducing ...


Exosome purification based on PEG-coated Fe3O4 nanoparticles

22.06.2018 | Ming Chang; Yaw-Jen Chang; Pei Yu Chao; Qing Yu, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Ming Chang, Yaw-Jen Chang, Pei Yu Chao, Qing Yu Cancer cells secrete many exosomes, which facilitate metastasis and the later growth of cancer. For early cancer diagnosis, the detection of exosomes is a crucial step. Exosomes exist in biological fluid, such as blood, which contains various ...


2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid-induced oxidative stress: Metabolome and membrane modifications in Umbelopsis isabellina, a herbicide degrader

22.06.2018 | Przemysław Bernat; Justyna Nykiel-Szymańska; Paulina Stolarek; Mirosława Słaba; Rafał Szewczyk; Sylwia Różalska, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Przemysław Bernat, Justyna Nykiel-Szymańska, Paulina Stolarek, Mirosława Słaba, Rafał Szewczyk, Sylwia Różalska The study reports the response to herbicide of the 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D)–degrading fungal strain Umbelopsis isabellina. A comparative analysis covered 41 free ...


Time trends in dyspepsia and association with H. pylori and work-related stress—An observational study in white collar employees in 1996 and 2015

22.06.2018 | Stefanie Braig; Simon Berger; David Rothenbacher; Stefanie Schmid; Thomas Seufferlein; Hermann Brenner; Dietrich Rot ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Stefanie Braig, Simon Berger, David Rothenbacher, Stefanie Schmid, Thomas Seufferlein, Hermann Brenner, Dietrich Rothenbacher, Harald Gündel Purpose We aimed to describe time trends in functional dyspepsia and the association of dyspepsia-related factors, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) and ...


Forecasting demand for maternal influenza immunization in low- and lower-middle-income countries

22.06.2018 | Frédéric Debellut; Nathaniel Hendrix; Justin R. Ortiz; Philipp Lambach; Kathleen M. Neuzil; Niranjan Bhat; Clint Pecenka, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Frédéric Debellut, Nathaniel Hendrix, Justin R. Ortiz, Philipp Lambach, Kathleen M. Neuzil, Niranjan Bhat, Clint Pecenka Immunization of pregnant women against seasonal influenza remains limited in low- and lower-middle-income countries despite being recommended by the World Health ...


Alterations in the gut bacterial microbiome in fungal Keratitis patients

22.06.2018 | Sama Kalyana Chakravarthy; Rajagopalaboopathi Jayasudha; Konduri Ranjith; Anirban Dutta; Nishal Kumar Pinna; Sharmil ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Sama Kalyana Chakravarthy, Rajagopalaboopathi Jayasudha, Konduri Ranjith, Anirban Dutta, Nishal Kumar Pinna, Sharmila S. Mande, Savitri Sharma, Prashant Garg, Somasheila I. Murthy, Sisinthy Shivaji Dysbiosis in the gut microbiome has been implicated in several diseases including auto-immune ...


Coupling between mean blood pressure and EEG in preterm neonates is associated with reduced illness severity scores

22.06.2018 | Oksana Semenova; Gordon Lightbody; John M. O’Toole; Geraldine Boylan; Eugene Dempsey; Andriy Temko, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Oksana Semenova, Gordon Lightbody, John M. O’Toole, Geraldine Boylan, Eugene Dempsey, Andriy Temko Hypotension or low blood pressure (BP) is a common problem in preterm neonates and has been associated with adverse short and long-term neurological outcomes. Deciding when and whether to treat ...


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