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Upgrading of biofuel by the catalytic deoxygenation of biomass

27.11.2012 | Chang Hyun Ko, Sung Hoon Park, Jong-Ki Jeon, Dong Jin Suh, Kwang-Eun Jeong, Young-Kwon Park, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Biomass can be used to produce biofuels, such as bio-oil and bio-diesel, by a range of methods. Biofuels, however, have a high oxygen content, which deteriorates the biofuel quality. Therefore, the upgrading of biofuels via catalytic deoxygenation is necessary. This paper reviews the recent ...


Effect of agglomeration of silver nanoparticle on nanotoxicity depression

27.11.2012 | Eunjoo Bae, Byung-Cheun Lee, Younghun Kim, Kyunghee Choi, Jongheop Yi, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are used commercially in a variety of applications, including textiles, cosmetics, spray cleaning agents, and metal products. AgNP itself, however, is classified as an environmental hazard by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, USA) Nanotechnology White Paper, due ...


Synthesis and characterization of waterborne polyurethane acrylate copolymers

27.11.2012 | Misbah Sultan, Haq Nawaz Bhatti, Mohammad Zuber, Mehdi Barikani, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Polyurethane acrylate copolymers were synthesized by emulsion polymerization process. To reduce the environmental hazards, organic solvents were replaced by eco-friendly aqueous system. Concentration of polyurethane and acrylate monomer was varied to investigate the effect of chemical composition ...


Inhibition effect of CO2 on asphaltene precipitation for an Iranian crude oil and comparison with N2 and CH4

27.11.2012 | Mohsen Mohammadi, Mahdi Akbari, Alireza Bahramian, Mahdi Sadeghi Naeeni, Zahra Fakhroueian, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

The effects of N2, CH4 and CO2 injection on asphaltene precipitation have been experimentally investigated using a reservoir oil fluid from south of Iran, making use of light transmission method. The results are compared and the effects of injected gases on reducing asphaltene colloidal stability ...


Application of a novel cationic starch in enhanced oil recovery and its adsorption properties

27.11.2012 | Jianong Fu, Ru Qiao, Lanlan Zhu, Weiqun Zhu, Shiyou Hao, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

We report a preparation of water-soluble cationic starch and its application as an oil-displacing agent in chemical enhanced oil recovery. The singular sand-pack core-flood tests provide experimental evidence that the injection of the modified starch after the conventional water flooding can ...


Physicochemical characterization and dissolution enhancement of loratadine by solid dispersion technique

27.11.2012 | Suresh Bandari, Subash Jadav, Basanth Babu Eedara, Raju Jukanti, Prabhakar Reddy Veerareddy, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

The purpose of this investigation was to enhance the dissolution rate of loratadine using polyethylene glycol 6000 (PEG) solid dispersions (SDs). The solubility behavior of loratadine in the presence of polyethylene glycol 4000 and polyethylene glycol 6000 in water showed linear increase with ...


Substitution effect of silica by silane-modified titania on the tensile and dynamic properties of silica-filled SBR compounds

27.11.2012 | Young Woo Lim, Jong-Ho Kim, Gon Seo, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Titania prepared by the calcination of sludge from waste water coagulated by titanium chloride was used as a substituent of the reinforcing material for silica-filled SBR compounds. The titania, mainly composed of anatase, was loosely aggregated and treated with various alkoxy silanes. The ...


Photo-responsive microgels composed of polymeric β-cyclodextrin and Tween 20-coumarin conjugate

27.11.2012 | Jing Dai, Seung Ree Seo, Jin-Chul Kim, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2012

Photo-responsive microgels were prepared by taking advantage of the interaction between Tween 20-coumarin conjugate (TCC) and polymeric β-cyclodextrin (PβCD). TCC was prepared by covalently attaching coumarin to the hydroxyl group of the head (PEO segment) of Tween 20. The molar ratio of coumarin ...


Synthesis and investigation of anti-inflammatory activity of novel nitric oxide donating hybrid drugs

27.11.2012 | Shailesh L. Chandak, Amol S. Bansode, Prashant R. Murumkar, Monika G. Shinde, Kailash G. Bothara, Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2012

A small library of nitric oxide donating groups, 4-acetamidophenyl-2-[{2-(nitrooxy)ethyl}(phenyl) amino]benzoate (5a–e) possessing a variety of substituents (–H, –NO2, –CH3, –acetamidophenyl, –SO2NH2) attached to the fourth position of phenyl ring were synthesized and evaluated for ...


Synthesis of some bisindolyl analogs for in vitro cytotoxic and DNA cleavage studies

27.11.2012 | B. S. Sasidhar, J. S. Biradar, Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2012

One-pot, three components, conventional and microwave-assisted synthesis of bisindolyl analogs is described. Michael addition of preformed 2,5-disubstituted indole-3-carboxaldehydes and 3-methyl-1H-pyrazol-5(4H)-one with 2,5-disubstituted indoles under solvent and catalyst-free conditions ...


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