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Discovery of a series of novel compounds with moderate anti-avian H5N1 influenza virus activity in chick embryo

27.11.2012 | Yuanchao Xie, Bing Huang, Kexiang Yu, Fangyuan Shi, Wenfang Xu, Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2012

Enlightened by some flavonoid compounds, which had been found as influenza neuraminidase inhibitors, we designed and synthesized a series of novel compounds containing different amino acid fragments. We also reported a simple synthetic route from oseltamivir to prepare its active form which was ...


CP-MLR/PLS-directed QSAR studies on the antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity of substituted 4-aminoquinolines

27.11.2012 | Manish K. Gupta, Medicinal Chemistry Research, 2012

A QSAR study has been carried out on antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity of substituted 4-aminoquinolines using topological and structure descriptors from DRAGON software. The descriptors, relevant to each activity, were identified by Combinatorial Protocol in Multiple Linear Regression ...


Influence of surface modification by vanadium oxide and carbon on the electrochemical performance of LiFePO4/C

27.11.2012 | Ying Zhang, Guangjie Shao, Zhipeng Ma, Guiling Wang, Jianping Du, Ionics, 2012

Surface modification with metal oxides is an efficient method to improve the performance of LiFePO4. Carbon and V2O3 co-coated LiFePO4 is synthesized by carbothermal reduction method combined with star-balling technique, and vanadium oxide is produced in situ. The structure and pattern of ...


Electrical and structural study of new antimony iodide-doped silver sulfate electrolytes

27.11.2012 | S. Austin Suthanthiraraj, R. Sarumathi, Ionics, 2012

This paper deals with the preparation and ion transport characteristics of a series of compositions in the solid-state mixed system [(SbI3)100 − x –(Ag2SO4)x ] where x = 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 mol%, respectively. These samples have been characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, ...


Spatio-temporal organization in alloy electrodeposition: a morphochemical mathematical model and its experimental validation

27.11.2012 | Benedetto Bozzini, Deborah Lacitignola, Ivonne Sgura, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2012

This paper proposes a novel mathematical model for the formation of spatio-temporal patterns in electrodeposition. At variance with classical modelling approaches that are based on systems of reaction–diffusion equations just for chemical species, this model accounts for the coupling between ...


Porous Si coated with S-doped carbon as anode material for lithium ion batteries

27.11.2012 | Lu Yue, Haoxiang Zhong, Daoping Tang, Lingzhi Zhang, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2012

A novel porous Si/S-doped carbon composite was prepared by a magnesiothermic reaction of mesoporous SiO2, subsequently coating with a sulfur-containing polymer-poly(3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene), and a post-carbonization process. The as-prepared Si composite was homogeneously coated with ...


Synthesis and characterization of a novel methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)-Tat peptide-chitosan copolymers

27.11.2012 | Bo Li, Qing Ma, Gu He, Xiangrong Song, Fengbo Wu, Yu Zheng, Shi Zeng, Chi Liu, Wen Ren, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012

In this paper, a novel chitosan-g-(-O-methyl poly (ethylene glycol))-g-(-N-Tat peptide) (CS-mPEG-Tat) copolymer was synthesized. The synthesized intermediates and final products were characterized and confirmed by Fourier transform infrared spectrum, 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum, and ...


Synthesis of P(MBA-co-MAA) microsphere-grafted PAMAM dendrimers and their application as supporters for gold nanoparticles

27.11.2012 | Hailiang Feng, Runnan Zhang, Xinlin Yang, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012

Poly(N,N′-methylenebisacrylamide-co-acrylic acid) microsphere-supported polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers up to third generation (G) were grown onto the surface as well as the gel-layer of P(MBA-co-MAA) microspheres by a divergent method. The P(MBA-co-MAA) supported PAMAM dendrimers were used as ...


Facile preparation of α-Fe2O3/carbon and polyhydroxy iron cation/polyaniline hollow particles

27.11.2012 | Yunxing Li, Zhen Zhao, Chunjian Wang, Cheng Yang, Zhaoqun Wang, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012

By virtue of a smartly designed strategy, we successfully prepared the α-Fe2O3/carbon and electromagnetic polyhydroxy iron cation/polyaniline (PIC/PANi) hollow particles. First, poly(styrene-butyl acrylate)/polyhydroxy iron cation (P(S-BA)/PIC) composite particles were prepared based on ...


Static contact angle hysteresis on smooth, homogeneous solid substrates

27.11.2012 | Victor Starov, Colloid & Polymer Science, 2012

A theory of contact angle hysteresis on smooth, homogeneous solid substrates is developed in terms of shape of disjoining/conjoining pressure isotherm and quasi-equilibrium phenomena. It is shown that all contact angles, θ, in the range θ ...


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