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The positive muon and [small mu ]SR spectroscopy: powerful tools for investigating the structure and dynamics of free radicals and spin probes in complex systems

05.06.2013 | Iain McKenzie, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

The positive muon (μ+) can be incorporated into free radicals where it acts as a probe of the structure and dynamics. The muoniated radicals are characterized by a series of magnetic resonance techniques known as μSR for muon spin rotation, resonance and relaxation spectroscopy. In this review it ...


Molecular structure by X-ray diffraction

29.05.2013 | Harold R. Powell, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

X-ray crystallography has matured over the course of the last century to be the method of choice for the determination of solid-state structure. This is reflected in the lack of new developments in methods for solving and refining structures by single crystal techniques, although some advances ...


Optimal control by computer

22.05.2013 | Graham A. Worth; Gareth W. Richings, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

The use of computer simulations studying how laser light can control the behaviour of atoms and molecules is reviewed. A variety of control schemes have been developed and we focus on three commonly used approaches: optimal control, local control and strong-field control. An overview is given of ...



22.05.2013 | G. A. Webb, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

It is my pleasure to introduce part C of Volume 109 of Annual Reports. In common with previous volumes in this series the present one contains accounts of progress in various areas of Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry.The opening report is on ‘Biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes’ by ...


Studies of reactions relevant to astrochemistry

22.05.2013 | Michel Costes; Christian Naulin, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

We review experimental studies of bimolecular exchange reactions between neutral species that can occur in dense molecular clouds: kinetics experiments performed with the so-called CRESU technique which measure global reaction rates and dynamics measurements performed with crossed molecular beam ...


Advances in low temperature gas-phase kinetics

22.05.2013 | Ian W. M. Smith; Peter W. Barnes, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

Rate constants for elementary gas-phase reactions were first measured reliably following the development of pulsed photolysis and flow methods in the 1960's. These techniques have continued to be employed as kinetics experiments have been performed at lower and lower temperatures. Sub-ambient ...


Voltammetry of proteins at liquid–liquid interfaces

22.05.2013 | Damien W. M. Arrigan, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

The voltammetric behaviour of proteins at interfaces between two immiscible electrolyte solutions (ITIES) is reviewed. This behaviour is of interest for a number of reasons, including the basis of label-free detection methods and the understanding of the stability of biopharmaceutical and food ...


Case study of Rb+(aq), quasi-chemical theory of ion hydration, and the no split occupancies rule

22.05.2013 | D. Sabo; D. Jiao; S. Varma; L. R. Pratt; S. B. Rempe, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

Quasi-chemical theory applied to ion hydration combines statistical mechanical theory, electronic structure calculations, and molecular simulation, disciplines which are individually subjects for specialized professional attention. Because it combines activities which are themselves non-trivial, ...


Biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes

22.05.2013 | Marta Roldo; Dimitrios G. Fatouros, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

The last two decades have witnessed a wealth of research addressing the possible biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes. These new nanomaterials possess unique properties but, at the same time, present several challenges including poor solubility, potential toxicity and biopersistance. The ...


Photochemical funnel in stiff conjugated polymers: interplay between defect mediated polymer conformations, side chain interactions and resonance energy transfer

01.05.2013 | Biman Bagchi, Annual Reports: Section C, 2013

Observed optical properties of conjugated polymers pose interesting and challenging problems that are yet to be understood quantitatively. The problem is complicated due to the competition between energy migration among chromophores influenced by defects, conformations dictated by attractions ...


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