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Coded Apertures in Mass Spectrometry

12.06.2017 | Jason J. Amsden; Michael E. Gehm; Zachary E. Russell; Evan X. Chen; Shane T. Di Dona; Scott D. Wolter; Ryan M. Danel ..., Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

The use of coded apertures in mass spectrometry can break the trade-off between throughput and resolution that has historically plagued conventional instruments. Despite their very early stage of development, coded apertures have been shown to increase throughput by more than one order of ...


Beyond Antibodies as Binding Partners: The Role of Antibody Mimetics in Bioanalysis

12.06.2017 | Xiaowen Yu; Yu-Ping Yang; Emre Dikici; Sapna K. Deo; Sylvia Daunert, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

The emergence of novel binding proteins or antibody mimetics capable of binding to ligand analytes in a manner analogous to that of the antigen–antibody interaction has spurred increased interest in the biotechnology and bioanalytical communities. The goal is to produce antibody mimetics designed ...


Analyzing the Heterogeneous Hierarchy of Cultural Heritage Materials: Analytical Imaging

12.06.2017 | Karen Trentelman, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Objects of cultural heritage significance are created using a wide variety of materials, or mixtures of materials, and often exhibit heterogeneity on multiple length scales. The effective study of these complex constructions thus requires the use of a suite of complementary analytical ...


Applications of Surface Second Harmonic Generation in Biological Sensing

12.06.2017 | Renee J. Tran; Krystal L. Sly; John C. Conboy, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Surface second harmonic generation (SHG) is a coherent, nonlinear optical technique that is well suited for investigations of biomolecular interactions at interfaces. SHG is surface specific due to the intrinsic symmetry constraints on the nonlinear process, providing a distinct analytical ...


Multianalyte Physiological Microanalytical Devices

12.06.2017 | Anna Nix Davis; Adam R. Travis; Dusty R. Miller; David E. Cliffel, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Advances in scientific instrumentation have allowed experimentalists to evaluate well-known systems in new ways and to gain insight into previously unexplored or poorly understood phenomena. Within the growing field of multianalyte physiometry (MAP), microphysiometers are being developed that are ...


Tailored Surfaces/Assemblies for Molecular Plasmonics and Plasmonic Molecular Electronics

12.06.2017 | Jean-Christophe Lacroix; Pascal Martin; Pierre-Camille Lacaze, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Molecular plasmonics uses and explores molecule–plasmon interactions on metal nanostructures for spectroscopic, nanophotonic, and nanoelectronic devices. This review focuses on tailored surfaces/assemblies for molecular plasmonics and describes active molecular plasmonic devices in which ...


Coupling Front-End Separations, Ion Mobility Spectrometry, and Mass Spectrometry For Enhanced Multidimensional Biological and Environmental Analyses

12.06.2017 | Xueyun Zheng; Roza Wojcik; Xing Zhang; Yehia M. Ibrahim; Kristin E. Burnum-Johnson; Daniel J. Orton; Matthew E. Monr ..., Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) is a widely used analytical technique for rapid molecular separations in the gas phase. Though IMS alone is useful, its coupling with mass spectrometry (MS) and front-end separations is extremely beneficial for increasing measurement sensitivity, peak capacity of ...


Chemical and Biological Dynamics Using Droplet-Based Microfluidics

12.06.2017 | Oliver J. Dressler; Xavier Casadevall i Solvas; Andrew J. deMello, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Recent years have witnessed an increased use of droplet-based microfluidic techniques in a wide variety of chemical and biological assays. Nevertheless, obtaining dynamic data from these platforms has remained challenging, as this often requires reading the same droplets (possibly thousands of ...


Single-Molecule Arrays for Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis

12.06.2017 | Limor Cohen; David R. Walt, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

The last few years have seen breakthroughs that will transform our ability to measure important analytes. Miniaturization of reaction volumes and confinement of analytes of interest into ultrasmall containers have greatly enhanced the sensitivity and throughput of many detection methods. ...


Identification and Quantitation of Circulating Tumor Cells

12.06.2017 | Siddarth Rawal; Yu-Ping Yang; Richard Cote; Ashutosh Agarwal, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2017

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are shed from the primary tumor into the circulatory system and act as seeds that initiate cancer metastasis to distant sites. CTC enumeration has been shown to have a significant prognostic value as a surrogate marker in various cancers. The widespread clinical ...


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