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Buckling of Cracked Laminated Composite Cylindrical Shells Subjected to Combined Loading

06.11.2012 | Hamidreza Allahbakhsh, Mahmoud Shariati, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

A series of finite element analysis on the cracked composite cylindrical shells under combined loading is carried out to study the effect of loading condition, crack size and orientation on the buckling behavior of laminated composite cylindrical shells. The interaction buckling curves of cracked ...


Effect of Manufacturing Method and Aging Environment on Painted Automotive Carbon Fibre Composite Surfaces

06.11.2012 | M. L. de Souza, J. I. Mardel, B. L. Fox, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

In this paper, the effect of various aging environments on the painted surface finish of unidirectional carbon fibre composite laminates, manufactured by autoclave and a novel out-of-autoclave technique was investigated. Laminates were exposed to water immersion, 95 % relative humidity and cyclic ...


Spatial Wavelet Approach to Local Matrix Crack Detection in Composite Beams with Ply Level Material Uncertainty

20.10.2012 | G. Sarangapani, Ranjan Ganguli, C. R. L. Murthy, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

Wavelet coefficients based on spatial wavelets are used as damage indicators to identify the damage location as well as the size of the damage in a laminated composite beam with localized matrix cracks. A finite element model of the composite beam is used in conjunction with a matrix crack based ...


Study on the Effect of Cure Cycle on the Process Induced Deformation of Cap Shaped Stiffened Composite Panels

16.10.2012 | Yong Miao, Jian-chuan Li, Zhi-hong Gong, Juan Xu, Kai He, Jian Peng, Yi-hua Cui, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

Cap-shaped stiffened composite panels offer many excellent properties such as low density, high strength, high stiffness to weight ratio, and design flexibility. During their manufacturing processes, however, thermo-curing inherently produces the undesired residual stresses and cure deformations, ...


Estimate Interface Shear Stress of Unidirectional C/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites from Hysteresis Loops

13.10.2012 | Li Longbiao, Song Yingdong, Sun Youchao, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

The tensile-tensile fatigue behavior of unidirectional C/SiC ceramic matrix composites at room and elevated temperature has been investigated. An approach to estimate the interface shear stress of ceramic matrix composites under fatigue loading has been developed. Based on the damage mechanisms ...


Versatile Micromechanics Model for Multiscale Analysis of Composite Structures

05.10.2012 | Y. W. Kwon, M. S. Park, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

A general-purpose micromechanics model was developed so that the model could be applied to various composite materials such as reinforced by particles, long fibers and short fibers as well as those containing micro voids. Additionally, the model can be used with hierarchical composite materials. ...


Modeling Loading/Unloading Hysteresis Behavior of Unidirectional C/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites

24.09.2012 | Li Longbiao, Song Yingdong, Sun Youchao, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

The loading/unloading tensile behavior of unidirectional C/SiC ceramic matrix composites at room temperature has been investigated. The loading/unloading stress–strain curve exhibits obvious hysteresis behavior. An approach to model the hysteresis loops of ceramic matrix composites including the ...


Reliability Estimation of the Pultrusion Process Using the First-Order Reliability Method (FORM)

15.09.2012 | Ismet Baran, Cem C. Tutum, Jesper H. Hattel, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

In the present study the reliability estimation of the pultrusion process of a flat plate is analyzed by using the first order reliability method (FORM). The implementation of the numerical process model is validated by comparing the deterministic temperature and cure degree profiles with ...


Objective Surface Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

14.09.2012 | Stuart Palmer, Wayne Hall, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

The mechanical properties of advanced composites are essential for their structural performance, but the surface finish on exterior composite panels is of critical importance for customer satisfaction. This paper describes the application of wavelet texture analysis (WTA) to the task of ...


New Design Concept for a Lifting Platform Made of Composite Material

13.09.2012 | L. Solazzi, R. Scalmana, Applied Composite Materials, 2012

Elevating work platforms are hoists equipment that are increasingly used in many applications, like in the construction industry and in the maintenance field. The maintenance of the hub of the wind turbines, for example, can be done through the use of a working platform; these structures have to ...


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