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Thermal Decomposition of N-Acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides – a New HERON Reaction

12.06.2010 | Jennifer P. Johns; Arjan van Losenoord; Clément Mary; Pierre Garcia; Damian S. Pankhurst; Adam A. Rosser; Stephen A. ..., Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Jennifer P. Johns, Arjan van Losenoord, Clément Mary, Pierre Garcia, Damian S. Pankhurst, Adam A. Rosser, Stephen A. Glover - Volume 63(12) N-Acyloxy-N-alkoxyamides are anomeric amides that are stable at room temperature, but at elevated temperatures, in non-polar solvent, they undergo the ...


The Pd-Catalyzed Alder–Ene Reactions of N-Protected and Propargylated 1-Amino-2-aryl-2-cyclohexenes as a New Route to C3a-Arylhexahydroindoles: Towards the Total Synthesis of Tazettine

12.06.2010 | Anna L. Lehmann; Anthony C. Willis; Martin G. Banwell;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Anna L. Lehmann, Anthony C. Willis, Martin G. Banwell - Volume 63(12) N-Protected and propargylated 1-amino-2-aryl-2-cyclohexenes, which are readily prepared from the illustrated gem-dibromocyclopropane, readily engage in a Pd0-catalyzed intramolecular Alder–ene reaction to give ...


Mixed [2.2]Cyclophanes of Pyrene and Benzene

12.06.2010 | Rudolf J. Vermeij; David O. Miller; Louise N. Dawe; Ivan Aprahamian; Tuvia Sheradsky; Mordecai Rabinovitz; Graham J. ..., Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Rudolf J. Vermeij, David O. Miller, Louise N. Dawe, Ivan Aprahamian, Tuvia Sheradsky, Mordecai Rabinovitz, Graham J. Bodwell - Volume 63(12) [2]Paracyclo[2](2,7)pyrenophane and its constitutional isomer [2]metacyclo[2](2,7)pyrenophane have been synthesized using a valence ...


Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Characterization of α,2- and α,4-Didehydrotoluene

12.06.2010 | Patrik Neuhaus; Stefan Henkel; Wolfram Sander;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Patrik Neuhaus, Stefan Henkel, Wolfram Sander - Volume 63(12) The isomeric diradicals α,2-didehydrotoluene and α,4-didehydrotoluene have been isolated in argon matrices at 5 K and characterized by EPR spectroscopy. The triplet ground states of these species resemble both a phenyl radical and a ...


Directional Weak Intermolecular Interactions: σ-Hole Bonding

12.06.2010 | Jane S. Murray; Kevin E. Riley; Peter Politzer; Timothy Clark;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Jane S. Murray, Kevin E. Riley, Peter Politzer, Timothy Clark - Volume 63(12) The prototypical directional weak interactions, hydrogen bonding and σ-hole bonding (including the special case of halogen bonding) are reviewed in a united picture that depends on the anisotropic nature of the ...


Notable Substituent Effects on the Rate Constant of Thermal Denitrogenation of Cyclic Azoalkanes: Strong Evidence for a Stepwise Denitrogenation Mechanism

12.06.2010 | Chizuko Ishihara; Manabu Abe;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Chizuko Ishihara, Manabu Abe - Volume 63(12) A kinetic analysis of the denitrogenation of 7,7-dimethoxy-1,4-diaryl-2,3-diazabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-ene derivatives with a variety of aryl groups was performed in the present study. The observed substituent effect was highly correlated with the ...


UV-photoelectron Spectroscopy of Unhindered Germylenes and Carbon-arsenic Multiple-bonded Species

12.06.2010 | Anna Chrostowska; Alain Dargelos; Alain Graciaa;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Anna Chrostowska, Alain Dargelos, Alain Graciaa - Volume 63(12) Flash vacuum thermolysis or vacuum gas solid reactions coupled with ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations is a very useful and powerful tool set for the synthesis and direct characterization ...


5th Heron Island Conference on Reactive Intermediates and Unusual Molecules

12.06.2010 | Curt Wentrup; Craig Williams;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Curt Wentrup, Craig Williams - Volume 63(12) 15 papers from the Heron5 Conference held July 10–16, 2010, are highlighted in this issue.


Structure, Stability, and Generation of CH 3 CNS

12.06.2010 | Melinda Krebsz; Balázs Hajgató; Gábor Bazsó; György Tarczay; Tibor Pasinszki;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Melinda Krebsz, Balázs Hajgató, Gábor Bazsó, György Tarczay, Tibor Pasinszki - Volume 63(12) Acetonitrile N-sulfide, CH3CNS, is generated in a cryogenic argon matrix from 3,4-dimethyl-1,2,5-thiadiazole by UV irradiation, and the molecule is investigated by IR and UV spectroscopy. The structure ...


Demethylation of an Allene Bearing Two Dimethoxythioxanthene Groups by Oxidation via a Vinyl Cation Intermediate

12.06.2010 | Torahiko Yamaguchi; Shin-ichi Fuku-en; Shun Sugawara; Satoshi Kojima; Yohsuke Yamamoto;, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2010

Torahiko Yamaguchi, Shin-ichi Fuku-en, Shun Sugawara, Satoshi Kojima, Yohsuke Yamamoto - Volume 63(12) The preparation of an isolable triplet carbene was attempted by the oxidation of an allene compound having two thioxanthene moieties (5). Relatively weak oxidants gave a monocationic vinyl ...


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