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Ketonization of proline residues in the peptide chains of actinomycins by a 4‐Oxoproline synthase

12.01.2018 | Siamak Semsary, Ivana Crnovčić, Ronja Driller, Joachim Vater, Bernhard Loll, Ullrich Keller, ChemBioChem, 2018

X‐type actinomycins (Acms) contain 4‐hydroxyproline (Acm X0) or 4‐oxoproline (Acm X2) in their ß‐pentapeptide lactone rings whereas their α‐ring contains proline. We demonstrate that these Acms are formed through asymmetric condensation of Acm half molecules (Acm halves) containing proline with ...


Modulation of BACE1 activity by chemically modified aptamers

12.01.2018 | Cécile Gasse, Marwa Zaarour, Sam Noppen, Mikhail Abramov, Philippe Marlière, Sandra Liekens, Bart De Strooper, Piet ..., ChemBioChem, 2018

A modified DNA aptamer was developed that binds BACE1, a therapeutic target involved in Alzheimer's disease. This ssXNA not only tightly binds to BACE1 but also inhibits its protease activity in vitro in the same range as a previously described unmodified aptamer. We report the in vitro ...


RNA‐Templated Concatenation of Triplet Nucleic Acid Probe

11.01.2018 | Danith H Ly, Raman Bahal, Arunava Manna, Wei-Che Hsieh, Shivaji A Thadke, Gopalsamy Sureshkumar, ChemBioChem, 2018

Template‐directed synthesis offers several distinct benefits over conventional laboratory creation, including unsurpassed reaction rate and selectivity. While it is central to many biological processes, such an approach has rarely been applied to the in‐situ synthesis and recognition of ...


A New Fluorogenic Probe for the Detection of Endo‐β‐N‐acetylglucosaminidase

11.01.2018 | Nozomi Ishii, Chie Sunaga, Kanae Sano, Chengcheng Huang, Kenta Iino, Yuji Matsuzaki, Tadashi Suzuki, Ichiro Matsuo, ChemBioChem, 2018

We developed a fluorescence‐quenching‐based assay system to determine the hydrolysis activity of endo‐β‐N‐acetylglucosaminidases (ENGases). The pentasaccharide derivative 1 was labeled with an N‐methylanthraniloyl group as a reporter dye at the non‐reducing end and a 2,4‐dinitrophenyl group as a ...


A T7 RNA Polymerase Mutant Enhances the Yield of 5′‐Thienoguanosine‐Initiated RNAs

09.01.2018 | Seth Lyon, Venkat Gopalan, ChemBioChem, 2018

The front cover picture shows a one‐pot multi‐enzyme approach that was developed to enhance the yield and purity of RNAs incorporating 5′‐thienoguanosine (thG). In vitro transcription has been employed to introduce chemical handles and modifications into RNAs, but is typically constrained by ...


Identification of the biosynthetic gene cluster for himeic acid A, a ubiquitin‐activating enzyme (E1) inhibitor, in Aspergillus japonicus MF275

05.01.2018 | Makoto Hashimoto, Hikaru Kato, Ayako Katsuki, Sachiko Tsukamoto, Isao Fujii, ChemBioChem, 2018

Himeic acid A, produced by the marine fungus Aspergillus japonicus MF275, is a specific inhibitor of the ubiquitin‐activating enzyme E1 in the ubiquitin‐proteasome system. To elucidate the mechanism of himeic acid biosynthesis, we first carried out feeding experiments with labeled precursors. ...


Methodology Development in Directed Evolution: Exploring Options when Applying Triple‐Code Saturation Mutagenesis

04.01.2018 | Ge Qu, Richard Lonsdale, Peiyuan Yao, Guangyue Li, Beibei Liu, Manfred T. Reetz, Zhoutong Sun, ChemBioChem, 2018

Abstract Directed evolution of stereo‐ or regioselective enzymes as catalysts in asymmetric transformations is of particular interest in organic synthesis. Upon evolving these biocatalysts, screening is the bottleneck. To beat the numbers problem most effectively, methods and strategies for ...


Rational Design, Binding Studies and Crystal Structure Evaluation of the First Ligand Targeting the Dimerization Interface of the 14‐3‐3ζ Adapter Protein

28.12.2017 | Carsten Schmuck, Martin Ehlers, Jean-Noel Grad, Sumit Mittal, David Bier, Marcel Mertel, Ludwig Ohl, Maria Bartel, J ..., ChemBioChem, 2017

14‐3‐3 proteins play a central role in signaling pathways in cells: they interact as gatekeeper proteins with a huge number of binding partners. Their function as hub for intracellular communication can explain why these adapter proteins are associated with a wide range of diseases. How they ...


Evaluation of β‐Amino Acid Replacements in Protein Loops: Effects on Conformational Stability and Structure

22.12.2017 | David E Mortenson, Dale F Kreitler, Nicole C Thomas, Ilia A Guzei, Samuel H Gellman, Katrina T. Forest, ChemBioChem, 2017

β‐Amino acids have a backbone that is expanded by one carbon atom relative to α‐amino acids, and β residues have been widely investigated as subunits in protein‐like molecules that adopt discrete and predictable conformations. Two classes of β residue have been widely explored in the context of ...


ChemBioChem–All Areas of Chemistry and Biology Intertwined

21.12.2017 | Ruben Ragg, ChemBioChem, 2017

The broader, the better! ChemBioChem had a successful year in 2017 receiving its 10 000 th submission. By broadening the journal scope through the addition of biomaterials, ChemBioChem will help to intertwine chemistry and biology even further. Also up next in 2018, a young chemists Special ...


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