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Estimation of methane yields in continuous biogas reactors using kinetic and mass flow models

19.01.2018 | Alastair James Ward, Mr. Lu Feng, Veronica Moset, Henrik Bjarne Moller, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract The measurement of methane potential during anaerobic digestion has generally been accomplished through batch assays, yet the majority of industrial plants employ a semi‐continuous feeding regime and the estimation of continuous process yield from batch data is not straightforward due ...



19.01.2018 | Federico Micolucci, Hinrich Uellendhal, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract This study offers an advanced management system which adapts to most of the two‐stage anaerobic dry treatment plants that do not benefit from a local expert in biowaste treatment. This approach takes advantage of pH sensors to control the process within the optimal range to enhance ...


Management of Gas Storages in Biogas Plants

18.01.2018 | Jürgen Kube, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract This paper gives an overview over different types of gas storages and their pressure/level relationship, which is crucial for the design of the plant's gas system. It focuses on the design of air‐inflated double‐membrane gas storages, their blowers and pressure control valves. During ...


Laboratory simulation of agricultural biogas plant start‐up

18.01.2018 | Kamil Kozłowski, Jacek Dach, Andrzej Lewicki, Marta Cieślik, Wojciech Czekała, Damian Janczak, Michał Brzoski, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract Due to the large energy potential in terms of biofuels production, in the near future the construction of new biogas plants is expected in Poland. However, before any investment in biogas market, it is necessary to conduct performance tests of methane production from the used ...


3D‐printing for chemical process laboratories II: measuring liquid‐solid mass transfer coefficients

18.01.2018 | Marius Gerrit Gelhausen, Daniel Lenz, Fabian Krull, Vedat Korkmaz, David William Agar, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract The sulfonation of solid acrylonitrile‐butadiene‐styrene, a feedstock that is often used in the 3D‐printing process of Fused Filament Fabrication, and its application in liquid‐solid mass transfer characterization is reported. The ion exchange capacities were assessed experimentally. ...


Measuring biogas composition with a compact MEMS based spectrometer

17.01.2018 | Robin Eccleston, Michael Bongards, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract In order to operate a demand driven anaerobic digester, improvements to monitoring of process parameters are necessary. Therefore a mid infrared spectroscopic gas sensor utilizing a MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems) based Fabry‐Perot interferometer was tested for its suitability ...


Real time gas quality data for on‐demand production of biogas

17.01.2018 | Benedikt Bierer, Hans-Joachim Nägele, Alvaro Ortiz Perez, Jürgen Wöllenstein, Philipp Kress, Andreas Lemmer, Stefan ..., Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract The flexible production of biogas makes it a promising candidate to become the first renewable, on‐demand energy source. But present day approaches for achieving this goal mostly employ cost‐intensive technologies such as gas storage tanks, which are unable to cope with gas surpluses ...


Microbial electrochemical sensors for anaerobic digestion process control –performance of electroactive biofilms under real conditions.

17.01.2018 | Jörg Kretzschmar, Paul Böhme, Jan Liebetrau, Michael Mertig, Falk Harnisch, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract The autonomous growth of Geobacter sp. dominated biofilms on electrodes and their sensitivity on volatile fatty acids (VFA) allows their application as biosensor. Here we report on the implementation of a microbial electrochemical sensor in the anaerobic digestion (AD) process. The ...


Energy and Exergy Analysis of Power Generation Systems with Chemical‐Looping Combustion of Coal

12.01.2018 | Ming Luo, Yang Yi, Chao Wang, Ke Liu, Jianfeng Pan, Qian Wang, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract Coal direct chemical‐looping combustion (CD‐CLC) process and coal gasification chemical‐looping combustion (CG‐CLC) process are two basic approaches to the application of the CLC with coal. Based on these two approaches, two different combined cycle power generation systems with the ...


Selectivity of nanoporous MnO2 and TiO2 membranes for residual contaminants in treated wastewater

12.01.2018 | A. Giwa, S.M. Jung, M. Ahmed, W. Fang, J. Kong, S.W. Hasan, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2018

Abstract Treated effluent from an electrically‐enhanced membrane bioreactor (eMBR) was filtered through MnO2 or TiO2 nanoporous membranes for the removal of residual heavy metals, bacteria and biological oxygen demand (BOD). The fresh and spent membranes were characterized via ...


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