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Effect of different co‐solvents on transesterification of waste cooking oil in a microreactor

18.12.2017 | Babak Aghel, Majid Mohadesi, Sasan Sahraei, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract In the present study, biodiesel was prepared from waste cooking oil (WCO) combined with methanol; the process was performed via transesterification in a microreactor using kettle limescale as a heterogeneous catalyst and different co‐solvents at different conditions. n‐hexane and ...


Thermal Integration of sulfuric acid and continuous catalyst regeneration of naphtha reforming plants to increase productions of aromatics, hydrogen and sulfur trioxide

18.12.2017 | Davood Iranshahi, Nazanin Hamedi, Mahshid Nategh, Reza Saeedi, Samrand Saeidi, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract This study aims to propose an optimal reactor design which simultaneously improves the naphtha reforming reactor performance and increase sulfur trioxide production. In this new configuration, naphtha reforming process as an endothermic reaction is coupled with the oxidation reaction ...


Experimental and numerical investigations of a dual‐stage cyclone separator

18.12.2017 | Ting Zhang, Kai Guo, Chunjiang Liu, Yue Li, Min Tao, Chong Shen, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract Cyclone separators can be utilized in parallel to increase particle collection efficiency. However, it results in mal‐distribution problem that causes separation performance deterioration. To improve the flow distribution, this study designed a dual‐stage multi‐cyclone separator ...


Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite PVA‐SnO2 Mixed Matrix Membranes and Application in Textile Effluent Treatment

24.10.2017 | Jibin Babu, Z.V.P. Murthy, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract Thin film nanocomposite membranes were prepared by dip‐coating poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and tin oxide (SnO2) nanoparticles over polyethersulfone (PES) membrane support. PVA was cross‐linked using malic acid for stability. The membranes were characterized by FTIR, FEG‐SEM, EDX, TGA, ...


Capturing CO2 by Using a Micro‐algae Culture Recycle Solution

16.10.2017 | Pao-Chi Chen, Po-Han Chou, Sheng-Zhong Lin, Hsiao-Wei Chen, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract The capture of CO2 by means of a microalgae culture solution was explored in a continuous bubble‐column scrubber under a constant pH environment. Optimum conditions for a pilot‐scale study were evaluated. With the Taguchi method, a total of sixteen runs were required. Absorption rate, ...


Rotor‐Stator Spinning Disc Reactor: Characterization of the Single‐Phase Stator‐Side Heat Transfer

12.10.2017 | Julia Kleiner, Franz Haseidl, Olaf Hinrichsen, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract The single‐phase fluid‐stator heat transfer in a rotor‐stator spinning disc reactor in dependence on rotational Reynolds number, dimensionless throughput, Prandtl number, and aspect ratio is examined. For the selected ranges of these parameters, an increase in the stator‐side Nusselt ...


Reaction Engineering for Continuous Production of Silver Nanoparticles

28.08.2017 | J. B. Deshpande, A. A. Kulkarni, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract A scalable process for the production of Ag nanoparticles that gives complete conversion of the limiting reactant is analyzed in detail. The kinetics of silver nanoparticle synthesis using citrate reduction are investigated and used for development of a reaction engineering model to ...


Reaction Calorimetry for Exothermic Reactions in Plate‐Type Microreactors Using Seebeck Elements

25.08.2017 | Felix Reichmann, Stefan Millhoff, Yannick Jirmann, Norbert Kockmann, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract A flexible reactor and measurement set‐up to safely obtain thermokinetic data for exothermic chemical reactions in plate‐type microreactors is presented in this work. Precise heat flux measurement is realized by means of Seebeck elements and allows for direct as well as space and time ...


Rapid degradation of Rhodamine B via a poly (dopamine) modified membrane decorated with Ag nanoparticles

25.08.2017 | Shengkui Ma, Xi Chen, Bowu Zhao, Liying Li, Weigui Fu, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract Rapid and convenient removal of organic dye from water still remains a great challenge. The study reports the rapid degradation of Rhodamine B (RhB) with NaBH4 as a reducing agent catalyzed by a catalytic membrane fabricated by poly (dopamine) modified PVDF powders and silver ...


Particle and Powder Technology – Industry Meets Science at PARTEC

24.08.2017 | Hermann Nirschl, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2017

Abstract No abstract.


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