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ChemInform Abstract: Mesoporous Amorphous Silicon: A Simple Synthesis of a High‐Rate and Long‐Life Anode Material for Lithium‐Ion Batteries.

06.12.2016 | Liangdong Lin, Xuena Xu, Chenxiao Chu, Muhammad K. Majeed, Jian Yang, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Porous amorphous Si is prepared by solvothermal treatment of a solution of SiCl4 in anhydrous glyme to which Mg powder is added (autoclave, 100 °C, 10 d).


ChemInform Abstract: Exploiting the Distal Reactivity of Indolyl Methylenemalononitriles: An Asymmetric Organocatalyzed [4 + 2] Cycloaddition with Enals Enables the Assembly of Elusive Dihydrocarbazoles.

06.12.2016 | Gloria Rassu, Claudio Curti, Vincenzo Zambrano, Luigi Pinna, Nicoletta Brindani, Giorgio Pelosi, Franca Zanardi, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Previously elusive 2,9‐dihydro‐1H‐carbazoles become accessible by a novel enantioselective catalytic [4 + 2] eliminative cycloaddition of indolyl methylenemalononitriles with various cinnamaldehydes.


ChemInform Abstract: Conjugate Reactions: New Potentials of an Old Idea

06.12.2016 | L. G. Bruk, O. N. Temkin, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Review: 84 refs.


ChemInform Abstract: Bicyclic Aziridinium Ions in Azaheterocyclic Chemistry ‐ Preparation and Synthetic Application of 1‐Azoniabicyclo[n.1.0]alkanes

06.12.2016 | Jeroen Dolfen, Nagendra Nath Yadav, Norbert De Kimpe, Matthias D'hooghe, Hyun‐Joon Ha, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Review: [56 refs.


ChemInform Abstract: A Mixed Ligand Approach for the Asymmetric Hydrogenation of 2‐Substituted Pyridinium Salts.

06.12.2016 | Marc Renom‐Carrasco, Piotr Gajewski, Luca Pignataro, Johannes G. de Vries, Umberto Piarulli, Cesare Gennari, Laurent ..., ChemInform, 2016

Abstract The title reaction gives 2‐substituted piperidines with full conversion and good enantioselectivity using iridium as catalyst and a mixed ligand of a chiral monodentate phosphoramidite and an achiral phosphine.


ChemInform Abstract: Monosubstituted Cyclodextrins as Precursors for Further Use

06.12.2016 | Michal Rezanka, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Review: 169 refs.


ChemInform Abstract: Convenient Sulfonylation of Benzotriazoles with the in situ‐Generated Sulfonyl Bromides.

06.12.2016 | Sixue Wu, Yikun Zhang, Jie Yan, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Advantages of the new method are mild reaction conditions, simple procedure, and good yields.


ChemInform Abstract: Thermal Cycloisomerization of Putative Allenylpyridines for the Synthesis of Isoquinoline Derivatives.

06.12.2016 | Alec E. Morrison, Jeremy J. Hrudka, Gregory B. Dudley, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract A benzannulation of [5‐(phenylthio)pent‐4‐enyl]pyridinylacetylenes yields cyclopentaisoquinolines via a cascade process.


ChemInform Abstract: Recent Advances in Aerobic Oxidation with Ruthenium Catalysts

06.12.2016 | Subramaniam Muthusamy, Nandarapu Kumarswamyreddy, Venkitasamy Kesavan, Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract Review: [91 refs.


ChemInform Abstract: AgI‐Promoted Cascade for Difluoromethylation of Activated Alkenes to Difluoromethylated Oxindoles.

06.12.2016 | Xinglu Wang, Wen Wan, Yunrong Chen, Jialiang Li, Haizhen Jiang, Yong Wang, Hongmei Deng, Jian Hao, ChemInform, 2016

Abstract In this new Ag(I)‐promoted reaction between N‐arylacrylamides and ethyl trimethylsilyldifluoroacetate, the corresponding 3‐(2‐ethoxycarbonyl‐2,2‐difluoroethyl)‐2‐oxo‐2,3‐dihydro‐1H‐indoles have been prepared in good yields.


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