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Frontispiece: Low Molecular Weight Supramolecular Gels Under Shear: Rheology as the Tool for Elucidating Structure–Function Correlation

19.01.2018 | Arnab Dawn, Harshita Kumari, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

Rheological studies on supramolecular gel phase materials offer an extensive insight of the structure‐function relationship lies in assembly properties of the molecules participated. The outcome of rheological experiments becomes even more interpretive when a concurrent experiment like ...


Frontispiece: Reduction of Carbonyl Groups by Uranium(III) and Formation of a Stable Amide Radical Anion

19.01.2018 | Kimberly C. Mullane, Thibault Cheisson, Eiko Nakamaru‐Ogiso, Brian C. Manor, Patrick J. Carroll, Eric J. Schelter, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

Reduction of organic ketones, esters and amides by UIII[N(SiMe3)2]3 resulted in a variety of uranium(IV) compounds. The fates of the organic fragments ranged from reversible radical coupling, to bond cleavage, group transfer or one‐electron reduction. In particular, the first example of a ...


Frontispiece: Amino Acid Coordinated Self‐Assembly

19.01.2018 | Qianli Zou, Xuehai Yan, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

A new strategy for supramolecular chemistry, amino acid coordinated self‐assembly paves the way for constructing hierarchical materials by using basic units of biomolecules as the building blocks. Similar to other supramolecular self‐assembly strategies, the morphologies and architectures of ...


Frontispiece: Pillar[5]arene‐Based Supramolecular Organic Framework with Multi‐Guest Detection and Recyclable Separation Properties

19.01.2018 | Qi Lin, Yan‐Qing Fan, Peng‐Peng Mao, Lu Liu, Juan Liu, You‐Ming Zhang, Hong Yao, Tai‐Bao Wei, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

The supramolecular organic framework (SOF‐THBP) with multi‐guest detection and recyclable separation properties, constructed by bis‐thioacetylhydrazine‐functionalized pillar[5]arenes, shows fluorescent response for Fe3+, Cr3+, Hg2+ and Cu2+. In addition, the xerogel of SOF‐THBP shows excellent ...


Experimental Observation of Thermally Excited Triplet States of Heavier Group 15 Element‐Centered Diradical Dianions

19.01.2018 | Yong Fang, Li Zhang, Cheng Cheng, Yue Zhao, Manabu Abe, Gengwen Tan, Xinping Wang, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

One‐electron reductions of Mes*As=Fl* (1; Fl* = 2,7‐di‐tert‐butylfluorenylidene, Mes* = 2,4,6‐tBu3C6H2) and diarsaalkenes [1,2‐b]‐IF(=AsMes*)2 (2; IF = indenofluorene) with potassium led to the isolation of the arsenic‐centered radical anion salts 1K and 2K, respectively. The diradical dianion ...


Synthesis and Structure of a Longitudinally Twisted Hexacene

19.01.2018 | Robert G. Clevenger, Bharat Kumar, Elizabeth M. Menuey, Kathleen Victoria Kilway, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

The addition of phenyllithium to a polycyclic quinone, 9,11,12,21,22,24‐hexaphenyltetrabenzo[a,c,n,p]hexacene‐10,23‐di‐one (10), followed by SnCl2‐mediated reduction of the diol intermediate, yielded 9,10,11,12,21,22,23,24‐octaphenyltetrabenzo‐[a,c,n,p]hexacene (4). Crystallographic analysis of ...


Synthesis of Single and Double Dibenzohelicenes via Rhodium‐Catalyzed Intramolecular [2+2+2] and [2+1+2+1] Cycloadditions

19.01.2018 | Ryota Yamano, Yu Shibata, Ken Tanaka, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

Dibenzo[7]helicenes were synthesized with up to 99% ee via the rhodium(I)/binap complex‐catalyzed enantioselective intramolecular [2+2+2] cycloaddition of 2‐phenylnaphthalene‐linked tryines. Additionally, [2+1+2+1] cycloaddition products, twisted anthracenes, were also synthesized by using ...


Exact Mapping from Many‐Spin Hamiltonians to Giant‐Spin Hamiltonians

18.01.2018 | Shadan Ghassemi Tabrizi, Alexei V Arbuznikov, Martin Kaupp, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

Exchange‐coupled molecular spin clusters (e.g. single‐molecule magnets) are routinely described in terms of a many‐spin Hamiltonian (MSH) that considers individual spins, or a giant‐spin Hamiltonian (GSH) that treats the system as a collective spin. When isotropic coupling is weak, the mapping ...


Rewiring chemical networks based on dynamic dithioacetal and disulfide bonds

18.01.2018 | Gaston Orrillo, Agustina La-Venia, Escalante Andrea, Ricardo L.E. Furlan, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

The control of the connectivity between nodes of synthetic networks is still largely unexplored. To address this point we take advantage of a simple dynamic chemical system with two exchange levels that are mutually connected and can be activated simultaneously or sequentially. Dithioacetals and ...


Versatile Modes of Cooperative B‐H Bond Activation Reactions in Ruthenium Carbene Complexes: Addition, Ring‐opening and Insertion

18.01.2018 | Scharf T. Lennart, Julia Weismann, Kai-Stephan Feichtner, Felix Lindl, Viktoria H. Gessner, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018

Cooperative B‐H bond activation reactions with thio‐ and iminophosphoryl tethered ruthenium carbene complexes are reported. The complexes show surprisingly different reactivities towards the commonly employed boranes CatBH, PinBH and BH3∙LB as a result of different modes of metal ligand ...


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