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Geometric distortions in nickel (oxy)hydroxide electrocatalysts by redox inactive iron ions

03.07.2018 | Rodney D. L. Smith; Chiara Pasquini; Stefan Loos; Petko Chernev; Katharina Klingan; Paul Kubella; Mohammad Reza Moha ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

The dramatic change in electrochemical behavior of nickel (oxy)hydroxide films upon incorporation of Fe ions provides an opportunity to establish effective electrocatalyst design principles. We characterize a photochemically deposited series of Fe–Ni (oxy)hydroxides by X-ray absorption ...


Large area efficient interface layer free monolithic perovskite/homo-junction-silicon tandem solar cell with over 20% efficiency

03.07.2018 | Jianghui Zheng; Cho Fai Jonathan Lau; Hamid Mehrvarz; Fa-Jun Ma; Yajie Jiang; Xiaofan Deng; Anastasia Soeriyadi; Jin ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Monolithic perovskite/silicon tandem solar cells show great promise for further efficiency enhancement for current silicon photovoltaic technology. In general, an interface (tunnelling or recombination) layer is usually required for electrical contact between the top and the bottom cells, which ...


Elucidating the Performance and Unexpected Stability of Partially Coated Water-Splitting Silicon Photoanodes

03.07.2018 | Kiseok Oh; Cristelle Meriadec; Benedikt Lassalle-Kaiser; Vincent Dorcet; Bruno Fabre; Soraya Ababou-Girard; Loic Joa ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

H2 is an ideal energy carrier because it has a high energy density, it can be easily stored, transported, and readily used to power electrical devices. Like photosynthesis, where photons are converted into energy-rich molecules, sunlight energy can be converted into H2 and O2 using ...


Electronic structure engineering to boost oxygen reduction activity by controlling the coordination of the central metal

03.07.2018 | Yunhu Han; Yanggang Wang; Ruirui Xu; Wenxing Chen; Lirong Zheng; Aijuan Han; Youqi Zhu; Jian Zhang; Huabin Zhang; Ju ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Adjusting the electronic structure of the active center is a highly effective strategy for improving the performance of catalysts. Herein, we report an atomically dispersed catalyst (FeCl1N4/CNS), which realized for the first time a great improvement of the ORR by controlling the electronic ...


Stringed 'tube on cube' nanohybrids as compact cathode matrix for high-loading and lean-electrolyte lithium-sulfur batteries

03.07.2018 | Gaoran Li; Wen Lei; dan luo; Ya-Ping Deng; Zhiping Deng; Deli Wang; Aiping Yu; Zhongwei Chen, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Rational design of cathode host materials is of great significance in fulfilling high-efficiency sulfur electrochemistry as well as boosting the energy density of lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries. Herein, we developed a stringed “tube on cube” nanohybrids (CPZC) with ternarily hierarchical ...


Nature-Inspired Catalyst for Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction

03.07.2018 | Zhifeng Jiang; Hongli Sun; Tianqi Wang; Bo Wang; Wei Wei; Huaming Li; Shouqi Yuan; Taicheng An; Huijun Zhao; Jiaguo ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

We demonstrate a rational fabrication of hierarchical treated rape pollen (TRP), a biological material as metal-free catalyst for visible-light-driven photocatalytic CO2 reduction. The TRP catalyst exhibits excellent visible-light-driven carbon monoxide (CO) formation activity of 488.4 μmol h-1 ...


Empowering multicomponent cathode materials for sodium ion batteries by exploring three-dimensional compositional heterogeneities

03.07.2018 | Muhammad Mominur Rahman; Yahong Xu; Hao Cheng; Qianli Shi; Ronghui Kou; Linqin Mu; Qi Liu; Sihao Xia; Xianghui Xiao; ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Affordable sodium ion batteries hold great promise for revolutionizing stationary energy storage technologies. Sodium layered cathode materials are usually multicomponent transition metal (TM) oxides and each TM plays a unique role in the operating cathode chemistry, e.g., redox activity, ...


Ultrafast Channel II Process Induced by a 3-D Texture with Enhanced Acceptor Order Ranges for High-Performance Non-Fullerene Polymer Solar Cells

27.06.2018 | Shanshan Chen; Sang Myeon Lee; Jianqu Xu; Jungho Lee; Kyuchul Lee; Tianyu Hou; Yankang Yang; Mingyu Jeong; Byongkyu ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

To achieve efficient non-fullerene polymer solar cells (NF-PSCs), an in-depth understanding of the key properties that govern the power output is necessary. Herein, three trialkylsilyl substituted benzodithiophene-based polymer donors (PJ1, PJ2, and PJ3) were synthesized with fine-tuning the ...


Combined high alkalinity and pressurization enable efficient CO2 electroreduction to CO

26.06.2018 | Christine M. Gabardo; Ali Seifitokaldani; Jonathan P. Edwards; Thang Cao Dinh; Thomas Burdyny; Md Golam Kibria; Coli ..., Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

The electroreduction of CO2 to CO is a promising strategy to utilize CO2 emissions while generating a high value product. Commercial CO2 electroreduction systems will require high current densities (>100 mA/cm2) as well as improved energetic efficiencies (EEs), achieved via high CO selectivity ...


Electrochemical surface charge-inversion from semi-insulating Sb2Se3 photoanodes and abrupt photocurrent generation for water splitting

26.06.2018 | Young Been Kim; Joo Sung Kim; Seung Ki Beak; Young Dae Yoon; Sung Woon Cho; Sung Hyun Jung; Hyung Koun Cho, Energy & Environmental Science, 2018

Binary chalcogenide Sb2Se3 shows dominantly p-type electrical conductivity and poor photocathodic performance; however, its narrow band gap and low work function suggest satisfactory conditions for the generation of the inversion state at the surface if used as a photoanode. We propose a ...


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