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Turbulent superfluid as continuous vortex mixture

01.06.2010 | Yukalov, V.I., Laser Physics Letters, 2010

A statistical model is advanced for describing quantum turbulence in a superfluid system with Bose-Einstein condensate. Such a turbulent superfluid can be realized for trapped Bose atoms subject to either an alternating trapping potential or to an alternating magnetic field modulating the atomic ...


High power widely tunable Tm:fiber laser with spectral linewidth of 10 pm

01.06.2010 | Wang, F.; Shen, D.Y.; Fan, D.Y.; Lu, Q.S.; Wang, F.; Shen, D.Y.; Fan, D.Y.; Lu, Q.S., Laser Physics Letters, 2010

We report on high-power, efficient operation of a widely tunable, cladding pumped Tm:fiber laser using a volume Bragg grating (VBG) for wavelength selection and spectral narrowing. The operating wavelength was tunable from 1943 to 1998 nm, with >53 W output power over a tuning range of 50 nm from ...


New features of interaction of atomic and molecular systems with intense ultrashort laser pulses

01.06.2010 | Burenkov, I.A.; Popov, A.M.; Tikhonova, O.V.; Volkova, E.A., Laser Physics Letters, 2010

New important physics of laser - atom interaction is found out and discussed in the case of ultrashort duration of lowfrequency laser pulses. Several types of interference effects are observed during strong-field atomic ionization and further rescattering and are found to arise due to wide ...


Amplification of a high‐frequency wave by IR‐field‐heatedclusters

01.06.2010 | Korneev, Ph.; Becker, W., Laser Physics Letters, 2010

The nonequilibrium nanoplasma created by irradiation of a cluster, or other nanosystems such as large molecules, with an intense infrared-laser field may be used as an amplifying medium for a high-frequency probe field. We employ a simple description where the nanosystem is modeled by particles ...


Application of a plasma‐jet for skin antisepsis: analysis of the thermal action of the plasma by laser scanning microscopy

01.06.2010 | Lademann, O.; Richter, H.; Patzelt, A.; Alborova, A.; Humme, D.; Weltmann, K.‐D.; Hartmann, B.; Hinz, P.; Kra ..., Laser Physics Letters, 2010

Recently, it was reported that a plasma-jet could be efficiently applied for the antisepsis of wounds. In this case, the discharge in an argon gas stream was used to produce a so-called "cold plasma" on the skin surface. The thermal action of the plasma on the skin was investigated in the present ...


Generation of 534 fs pulses from a passively mode-locked Nd:CLNGG-CNGG disordered crystal hybrid laser

04.05.2010 | G.Q. Xie, L.J. Qian, P. Yuan, D.Y. Tang, W.D. Tan, H.H. Yu, H.J. Zhang, J.Y. Wang, Laser Physics Letters, 2010

We have experimentally demonstrated a diodepumped passively mode-locked Nd:CLNGG-CNGG hybrid laser for the first time. By employing Nd:CLNGG and Nd:CNGG disordered crystals together as laser gain media, the mode-locked laser could generate much shorter pulses. With a semiconductor saturable ...


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