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67 cm long bismuth‐based erbium doped fiber amplifier with wideband operation

01.09.2011 | Cheng, X.S.; Hamida, B.A.; Naji, A.W.; Ahmad, H.; Harun, S.W., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract In this paper, we demonstrate a wideband Bismuthbased erbium doped fiber amplifier (Bi‐EDFA) using two pieces of bismuth‐based erbium‐doped fiber (Bi‐EDF) with a total length of 67 cm as gain media in a double pass parallel configuration. Both Bi‐EDFs have an erbium ion concentration ...


Passively Q‐switched 1.33 μm Nd:GAGG laser with Co2+:LMA saturable absorber

01.09.2011 | Zuo, C.‐H.; Zhang, B.‐T.; He, J.‐L., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract In this paper, with Co2+:LaMgAl11O19 (Co2+:LMA) crystals as the saturable absorber, the efficient passively Q‐switched laser performance of a diode‐endpumped Nd:Gd3AlxGa5–xO12 (Nd:GAGG) laser at 1.33 μm has been realized. Under the absorbed pump power of 8.2 W, a maximum average output ...


Diode‐pumped passively mode‐locked Nd:GYSGG laser

01.09.2011 | Zhang, B.Y.; Xu, J.L.; Wang, G.J.; He, J.L.; Wang, W.J.; Zhang, Q.L.; Sun, D.L.; Luo, J.Q.; Yin, S.T., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract The performance of passively mode‐locked Nd:GYSGG lasers was investigated for the first time. The 1061.5 nm continuous wave (CW) mode‐locking operation of the Nd:GYSGG crystal was achieved and pulse as short as 3.1 ps have been generated with a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror ...


Possibility of superradiance by magnetic nanoclusters

01.09.2011 | Yukalov, V.I.; Yukalova, E.P., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract The possibility of realizing spin superradiance by an assembly of magnetic nanoclusters is analyzed. The known obstacles for realizing such a coherent radiation by magnetic nanoclusters are their large magnetic anisotropy, strong dephasing dipole interactions, and an essential ...


Efficient lasing at near 3µm by a Dy‐doped ZBLAN fiber laser pumped at ∼1.1 µm by an Yb fiber laser

01.09.2011 | Tsang, Y.H.; El‐Taher, A.E., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract Operation of a single‐clad Dy3+‐doped ZrF4‐BaF2‐LaF3‐AlF3‐NaF (ZBLAN) fiber laser operating at mid‐infrared near 3 μm is presented. The laser is pumped by an Yb3+‐doped silica fiber laser centered at 1088 nm. An output of near 0.1 W with a slope efficiency of up to 23% with respect to ...


Optical and laser properties of Pr3+:YLF crystal

01.09.2011 | Li, X.D.; Yu, X.; Yan, R.P.; Fan, R.W.; Chen, D.Y., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract The absorption and emission spectra of Pr3+:YLF crystal were measured respectively. The results demonstrated that Pr3+:YLF crystal has promising properties to produce visible laser directly. In laser experiments, a pulsed Pr3+:YLF laser operated at 639.4 nm using a dye laser as pump ...


Line shapes of atomic transitions in excited dense gas

01.09.2011 | Sautenkov, V.A., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract We discuss recently published results of experimental studies of dipole‐dipole broadened line shapes in excited atomic vapors. The Lorentz local‐field shift and self‐broadened width were measured in optically excited potassium and rubidium vapors. Strong reduction of the shift and ...


Mode‐locking operation of a flash‐lamp‐pumped Nd:YAG laser at 1.064µm with Zakharov‐Manakov solitons

01.09.2011 | Andreana, M.; Baronio, F.; Conforti, M.; Tonello, A.; De Angelis, C.; Couderc, V., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract We report experimental results on the mode‐locked operation of a flash‐lamp‐pumped Nd:YAG laser at 1.064 µm. The KTP crystal, which induces passive mode‐locking, exploits the existence and properties of spatial Zakharov‐Manakov soliton dynamics. A train of pulses with duration close to ...


Continuous‐wave co‐lasing in a monoclinic co‐doped (Ho,Tm):KLu(WO4)2 crystal

01.09.2011 | Jambunathan, V.; Schmidt, A.; Mateos, X.; Pujol, M.C.; Carvajal, J.J.; Aguiló, M.; Díaz, F.; Griebner, ..., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract We present continuous‐wave laser operation at two wavelengths oscillating simultaneously and originating from two different active ions in a monoclinic co‐doped (Ho,Tm):KLu(WO4)2 crystal. Dual‐wavelength lasing is accomplished at room temperature using Ti:Sapphire laser pumping. The ...


Improvement of comb lines quality employing double‐pass architecture in Brillouin‐Raman laser

01.09.2011 | Sonee Shargh, R.; Al‐Mansoori, M.H.; Anas, S.B.A.; Sahbudin, R.K.Z.; Zamzuri, A.K.; Mahdi, M.A., Laser Physics Letters, 2011

Abstract We demonstrate a generation of multiple wavelength lasers incorporating a Brillouin‐Raman fiber laser using a double‐pass structure. The Raman and Brillouin amplification medium is provided by the combination of 11 km long dispersion‐compensating‐fiber and 25 km long ...


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