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Synthesis of Benzimidazolones, Benzooxazolones, 2-amino-benzothiazoles from Ethyl Cyanoformate and o-phenylene Diamines, o-aminophenols, oaminothiophenols Promoted by Lithium Bromide

30.07.2011 | V Dekhane, Deepak; S Pawar, Shivaji; V Gupta, Sunil; S Shingare, Murlidhar; N Thore, Shivaji, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: The lithium bromide mediated condensation of 1-amino-2-heteroaryl substrates with ethyl cyanoformate, to obtain versatile alkylcarbamate protected benzoheteroazolones was studied. This unprecedented reaction could be used to furnish different azolones like 2-benzimidazolones, ...


Synthesis and Biological Activity of New Mixed HIV-PR Inhibitors Conjugated to Bifunctional High-Molecular Weight Poly(Ethylene Glycol)

30.07.2011 | Benedetti, Fabio; Berti, Federico; M Bonora, Gian; Campaner, Pietro; Drioli, Sara, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: We have synthesized and evaluated a small set of dual action HIV-Protease inhibitors, consisting of a catalytic site reversible inhibitor conjugated with a dimerization peptidic inhibitor, linked via a suitable selective end-modified poly(ethylene glycol), in an effort to obtain a ...


Highly Efficient Synthesis of -Amino Ketones via Direct Mannich-type Reaction Catalyzed by Acidic Ionic Liquid

30.07.2011 | Zhang, Dong-Nuan; Li, Ji-Tai; Song, Ya-Li; Chen, Guo-Feng, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: [MPSIm]+CF3COO- ionic liquid is an efficient green catalyst for the one-pot, three-component Mannich-type reaction of aromatic aldehydes, aromatic amines and cyclohexanone. The reaction was completed within 5-60 min to give the corresponding β-amino ketones in 82-98% yield at room ...


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30.07.2011 | Bentham Science Publishers,, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: Full text available.


Synthesis of Aza-BODIPY Boron Difluoride PDT Agents to Promote Apoptosis in HeLa Cells

30.07.2011 | Priefer, Ronny; R Griffiths, Justin; N Ludwig, Janelle; Skelhorne-Gross, Graham; S Greene, Robert, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: BF2 Chelated azadipyrromethene dyes fluoresce in the near infrared and have potential applications in photodynamic therapy. When irradiated above 600nm these aza-BODIPY compounds react with triplet O2 in the body to form a reactive singlet oxygen species which leads to cell death. ...


Efficient Syntheses of New Chromone- and Chromanequinoline Hybrids and their Aza-analogs

30.07.2011 | Bouraiou, Abelmalek; Berree, Fabienne; Bouacida, Sofiane; Carboni, Bertrand; Debache, Abdelmadjid; Roynel, Thierry; ..., Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: Some novel chromone- and chromanequinoline hybrids and their aza-analogs were synthesized from 2-chloro- 3-quinolinecarboxaldehydes as starting materials. The cyclization of 2-hydroxychalcones in the presence of AcONa yielded chroman-4-ones, while, in the typical AFO conditions, ...


Synthesis of () Travoprost and its Analogs

29.07.2011 | Mudduluru, Harikrishna; M Hindupur, Rama; K Dubey, Pramod; Madhavaram, Shankar; Tatini, Lakshmikumar; V Subbaraju, G ..., Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

Abstract: A new synthetic approach for the antiglaucoma agent, travoprost (1) has been developed in four steps from key intermediate (2). Key transformations include Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction and separation of diastereomers to obtain (±) travoprost (1) and its analogs.


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29.07.2011 | Bentham Science Publishers,, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2011

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